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Astro Update 11 18 22

Astro Update 11 18 22

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov.19 at 8:43AM/MST Mars exactly squares Neptune and we look more deeply at this confusion that’s been going on, at the depth of our own spiritual beliefs, also, and how do we see that it’s time to live them out in our daily lives.

Sunday Nov.20th at 9:07PM/MST, the Sun trines Jupiter and there’s an expansive sense of opening to larger views and agendas.

Monday the 21st , Mercury and Venus come together to bring refinement of mind, music, language, art, etc. The Sun is at 29 deg. Scorpio on this day, the degree of the Magician. Transfiguration is yours!

Tuesday the 22nd, Sun enters Sagittarius we feel a bit breezier, like more things are possible over the next month. Look to the overview.

The New Moon falls on Wed. the 23rd at 3:57PM/MST with Jupiter turning Direct this day also. Relationships my be challenging. Communicating from an ‘I’ message perspective keeps the ball in your court. Remember the power of ideas to transform consciousness. It works!

Thanksgiving Day, the 24th for the U.S., brings Mercury and Chiron together, and Moon and Venus together. A day of healing and new ideas, and perhaps some warm expressions of love and acceptance. Those are the possibilities. One can only hope!

“Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear”

St. Catherine of Siena


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