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Astro Update 11 2 22

Astro Update 11 2 22

Mars turned Retrograde this past Sunday, Oct.30, at 7:26 AM/MDT. It will remain Rx until Jan.12, 2023. With Mars traveling slowly right now and the previous week, we have a chance to catch up, to take care of things that have been shoved into the corner for supposedly more important pursuits.

During this almost 4 month time frame, of course there will be challenges. This is Mars we are talking about. Conversations that have been put off. Actions that have not been taken. However, another aspect of this is, right action. What is right action for you. How are you being mindful and integritous around your own daily actions and reactions.

Are you coming from a place of looking at the consequences of what you set in motion, or just blindly moving along an unconscious continuum with no thought to outcome.

Are your conversations authentically representing you, or just yakking away with, again, no awareness of outcome.

Mars is asking us to pay attention. To deal with old business that we, in our procrastination, have let slide.

Is it family business? Is it judgments you condone? Is it playing small instead of owning your own power?

Time to take stock. Time to pony up alongside yourself and check in. Where are you headed and how do you form a plan that is right-minded and conscious.

Saturday, Nov. 5, Venus opposes Uranus and we want freedom to do things in our own way.

Sunday, Nov.6, Venus squares Saturn and we look at trust issues. Where do we hold back and limit ourselves and not feel supported. How can we see differently.

“Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me in the hall of eternity, I shall be the same.” ― Anandamayi Ma


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