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Astro Update 11 30 21

Astro Update 11 30 21

Neptune is stationing from Nov 28-Dec5…turning Direct on Wed. Dec.1st at 6:22AM/MST. This is a week or so of come confusion, change of plans, looking for clarity.

As Neptune turns Direct tomorrow, we see where we want to go. We see with more clarity. We are more sensitive to what’s happening around us, and perhaps seeing through the illusions around us. More optimism.

The New Moon Eclipse on Saturday, Dec.4 at 12:43AM/MST says that there’s a lot of healing available. Take some risks, try new things. Clear out the old. New times beckon. New outlook/new possibilities. Open your mind to new concepts.

“I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”

Joan of Arc


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