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Astro Update 12 16 20

Tonight at 10:40PM/MST, Saturn enters Aquarius where it will be for the next 2 years. Aquarians will feel it, like something off in the distance is suddenly at their doorstep. It is time for them to step up and take responsibility for some area of their lives. They, collectively, feel it coming. Saturn was in Aquarius 29 years ago. Maybe look back and see what was moving in your life at that time.

Jupiter will enter Aquarius for the next year (2 days before the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter) on Saturday, Dec.19 at 6:07AM/MST and open up opportunities for Aquarians as it speeds through this sign. It will touch Pisces in mid-May thru end-July and then return back into Aquarius until the end of 2021.

Jupiter will alleviate the staunchness of Saturn’s energy somewhat. It will give respite and expansion. Between the two, like expansion and contraction, evolution is breathing us, in and out.

Look at the areas of humanitarianism that you are drawn to, yet limit. Expand your wings. Be an angel of mercy, of compassion, of giving, of helping. Be one of those who designate themselves as foundation builders of a new age that is off in the distance, magnetizing us forward. Be the voice of freedom for all, equality for all. We will eventually get there. How can you contribute your energy, plant seeds, for it to happen. Be like the grandmother who plants trees, knowing she will not sit in their shade. But her grandchildren will.

Inside any deep asking is the answering.”



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