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Astro Update 12 17 21

Astro Update 12 17 21

Full Moon Dec.18 at 9:36PM/MST. Learn how to nurture yourself. Personal self-discovery time. Be more focused.

Venus Retrograde (Rx) on Dec.19 at 3 :36 AM /MST. Venus turns Rx until Jan.29. As it travels in its Rx motion, it crosses Pluto’s path and brings intensity and transformative opportunities. Whenever Venus is Rx, it a time to look at your priorities and your finances. What do you really value. And what is it time to let go of.

Winter Solstice Dec.21 8:59AM/MST. Freedom, goal orientation and perseverance are all a focus right now.

Saturn square Uranus. Dec.24, at 12:17AM/MST. This is the last pass of this aspect that has been the signature aspect of 2021. It’s that push/pull of the old, traditional way of doing things vs. the new and innovative…within us, and with our own lives.

“For I have learned that every heart will get What it prays for Most.” Hafiz


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