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Astro Update 12 28 21

Astro Update 12.28.21

Tonight at 9:09PM/MST, Jupiter enters Pisces after a year in Aquarius. Pisces people can expect expansive energies and opportunities until May 11. Usually Jupiter is in a sign for a year, however this time Jupiter is racing into and through Pisces in just 5 months. It will return briefly at the end of 2022, before it goes back into Aries and stays there for a while.

So for Pisces people, it is opportunities that say to you: take this while you can, do not procrastinate, but grab it and run with it, not necessarily Pisces style.

Jupiter here will expand emotions, passions, and emotionally-charged situations. Good time to clear the decks and deal with old emotional issues.

In general for everyone else, being of service, seeing how you can go with the flow with your eyes wide open.

Tomorrow Mercury enters the shadow it its next Retrograde (Rx) cycle. It is moving into Aquarius and then will Rx back into Capricorn. Introspection and self-reflection are the hallmarks of a Mercury Rx period. Looking at future possibilities while also your own person goals that you might have been working on, may be the focus. Also where self-limitation has raised its head.

Do you love yourself enough to give yourself the dreams that you carry?

How accommodating is this planet to incarnate onto, that she allows us, encourages us, to dive deep and learn how to love ourselves at this point in our evolution, like a loving Mother holding her thrashing toddler.

Perhaps gratitude can sit with us at the breakfast table each morning.

“Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings JOY and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” ― Eileen Caddy, Opening Doors Within


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