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Astro Update 12 30 19

Looking at the New Year’s chart as the birth chart of 2020, we see a need to shed old patterns and a seeding of new behaviors and belief systems ready to emerge.

There is a sense of change, luck, and intuition that shows Truth not just logic.

Healing the shadow, the blind side in ourselves that we don’t see, is a definite theme. Calling those things to consciousness, so that we are not just reacting unconsciously, we are acting with choice.

Creating nurturing environments for ourselves and others is a key point too. We all know how to do the tough work, the shoulder-to-the-wheel perseverance type behavior. How do we create situations that feed us, meet a place inside us that knows that we are all okay and we may as well enjoy the ride on some level.

Happy New Year!

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”



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