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Astro Update 3 8 20

Astro Update 3 8 20

The Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo occurs tomorrow, March 9 at 11:48 AM/MDT and brings clarity to situations that have seemed confusing, over the next month. Suddenly we are asked to use our discernment to see the facts from the fictions.

Mercury turns Direct tomorrow as well at 9:49 PM/MDT and we begin to move forward. Communication is more clear. We can put words to feelings; we can put words to experiences. There is a clarity and forward movement, even though, in the system of Mercury’s cycle and now turning Direct, we have the next 20 days until it ‘catches up’ to where it went Retrograde (Rx) on Feb.16. Time to bring those self-reflections and new ideas and understandings into the day-to-day life and make the necessary adjustments that we saw were needed.

P.S. There will be only the email/digital version of the quarterly Starshine News this time. No printed copies mailed this month.

The soul has been given its own ears to hear things mind does not understand.



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