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Astro Update 4 25 21

Astro Update 4 25 21

The Full Moon is tomorrow night, April 26 at 9:32PM/MDT. Challenges and inspiration in and through relationships. Check in with expectations. Be clear.

Pluto has been stationing from April 20-May 6th, turning Retrograde (Rx) on Tues. the 27th at 2:04PM/MDT. It is turning its transformative qualities inward for the next 5 months as it does every year. So we work on our own inner stuff for the next period of time. Values and priorities may change.

On Friday the 30th (Beltane Eve), the Sun come to sit with Uranus at 1:54PM/MDT and you can expect the unexpected. Changes, occurrences out of the ordinary, and singular eye to freedom and doing things differently.

“The garden of the world has no limit except in your mind.”



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