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Astro Update 5 10 22

Astro Update 5 10 22

Mercury is slowing down to turn Retrograde (Rx) on May 11 at 5:47AM/MDT. Things feel a little off, things changing every day or hour. Electronics not operating 100%.

This Rx is in Gemini, going back into Taurus, turning Direct June 3 at 2AM/MDT. These Mercury Rs cycles 3 times a year actually give us an opportunity to re-think things, to become more introspective, self-reflective. We live in a world where this is the norm, getting to know oneself through inner looking, so there’s always confusion, misunderstandings.

This Rx is about your values and the place you stand. What is important to you. What’s changing in those priorities.

Jupiter enters Aries also on May 11 at 5:22PM/MDT and we hear the clarion call clearly. Jupiter here widens our scope of where we need new info, new ways of doing things. We are the pioneer suddenly. We become risk takers, dangling our toes off the edge of the cliff to see what lives there. The future is speaking to us and calling us to pay attention.

It is not just for ourselves that we live and set freedoms and new paths in place. As some say, we are setting in motion what will benefit 7 generations to come. What has your name on it right now..


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