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Astro Update 5 25 21

Astro Update 5 25 21

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26, there is a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse at 5:14AM/MDT. It’s about healing polarities and differences. Are we working with either/or, opposing forces or can we create an AND situation…you AND me, us AND them.

We are in the orb of a very intense aspect in the U.S. chart which won’t be exact until next Spring. However it is the background noise behind everything that is happening. It is what is sitting in the wings waiting to take center stage.

The polarities, the shadows we’ve denied, the unmet, unwanted parts and policies we shoved into the corners, are beginning to show themselves. The more we can own of our own blind side, our own shadow, with each eclipse and opportunity between now and next Spring, the better we fare as a nation as the U.S. experiences its Pluto Return in 2022. More on this aspect soon.

“Be patient where you sit in the dark. The dawn is coming.”



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