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Astro Update 5 30 22

Astro Update 5 30 22

New Moon this morning at 5:30AM/MDT. Highly concentration of energy and focus. There are emotionally transformative situations that may present themselves over this next 2 weeks until the Full Moon mid June.

Learning and teaching opportunities.

There’s a push right now to see, own and release old behavior patterns. Energy is intensifying and what used to take seven years to grok and understand, now takes one year.

As we straddle the Ages, Pisces passing and Aquarius moving in, let us leave behind us the patterns of the old age and prepare to meet and embrace what’s coming in.

Mercury will turn Direct on June 3rd at 2AM/MDT and it’s a good time to begin thins, get things moving.

Be willing to act upon any insights and realizations which may have occurred during the previous 3 weeks of Mercury Rx. As in all Rx cycles turning Direct, we will spend the first 2 weeks re-doing and implementing new info and new directions. Take the opportunities to see with new eyes and perhaps a new path of perception opening for you.

Jump to your feet, wave your fists, Threaten and warn the whole Universe That your heart can no longer live Without real love!” ― Hafez, I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy


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