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Astro Update 6 18 21

A big week ahead!!!

Sunday the 20th is the Summer Solstice at 9:32PM/MDT. Unexpected situations over the next quarter, as well as healing opportunities. Know when to hold on and when to let go.

From June 21-July1, Neptune is stationing, turning Retrograde on the 25th. A time of spiritual insights, interesting dreams, self reflection.

On Tues. the 22nd at 4PM/MDT, Mercury turns Direct after 3 weeks of Retrograde. We get to re-do some of those situations and become more clear. Take care of the things that didn’t go well, and bring your new ideas to the table. Communications should be clearer now.

On Wed. the 23rd with Sun trine Jupiter and Venus oppose Pluto, we can expect to see the larger view, have some type of flow going on, and yet a power struggle or a taking back of your power is the issue.

The Full Moon on June 24 at 12:40PM/MDT gives insights into where you might be stuck and energy to move beyond it. Be willing to let go of what got you there.

“I have found the heart and will never leave this house of light.”



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