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Astro Update 9 1 22

Astro Update 9 1 22

If it feels like Mercury Retrograde (Rx), you’re half right. Mercury entered the shadow of it’s Rx cycle on Aug.21. Obviously, I was not on top of it this time. We are in a preparation for the next Rx cycle. We will come back to incidents and situations that have transpired recently, and re-do them to some extent.

Mercury will turn Rx on Sept.9 at 9:38PM/MDT. With its placement in Libra and returning to Virgo during its Rx motion, we can expect aspects of relationship, discernment, right choosing, and our graceful handling of difficult situations or not, to arise, to be re-thought, re-looked at.

The Rx cycle will continue with Mercury turning Direct on Oct.2 at 6:14PM/MDT. Things begin to move outward again, not so drawn inwardly. And this cycle ends on Oct.17, when Mercury catches up to its Rx degree.

Having said all that, what Mercury most wants from us is an inward glance. We are an outward facing culture and Mercury graces us three times a year with an invitation to look inside, to become self-reflective. This is not the natural course for us in the day-to-day. So confusion becomes the order of the day. We miss appointments. We misunderstand others. It is because the natural pull of the Rx cycle is to take us within.

Having a project to work on. Having a meditative practice. Cultivating an inner gaze through dream work, therapy, artistic endeavors, becomes a saving grace. And allows us to follow the natural flow of a Mercury Rx cycle.

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.” Rumi


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