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Astrology Classes and Study Group

Astrology Classes and Study Group

Astrology Class 201

Jan 9, 2023 Monday evenings

4 sessions, $100. 5PM/MST

Chiron, Nodes, Part of Fortune and Retrogrades

We will take the natal chart further, looking at the other points in the chart.

Basic Astrology knowledge helpful.

Astrology Study Group

1st Sunday of each month/Free


Open to all levels and interests of Astrology

Feb. Astrology Class Asteroids

Monday evenings at 5PM/MST

We will look at the 4 main Asteroids

Reference: Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George

4 sessions $100.

For any of the above, please RSVP and I will send the Zoom link:

Fees are payable through Venmo: @Jyoti-Wind

Join me to further your work with Astrology. Jyoti

Jyoti Wind has been a student of Astrology for over 50years. She’s been a practicing international Astrologer for most of those years.


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