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Fall '23 Starshine News

Starshine News

Vol.27, # 4

Fall 2023

Dear Friends,

The topic is kindness. How do you breathe in kindness every day and breathe out kindness in what you do. How are you in sync with the larger picture of how we live together on this planet. How do we create skirmishes in our day to day life. How do we release blame to others who we feel have wronged us, and use it as a mirror to see how have we done the same thing. How truthful can we be with ourselves. Kindness and honesty is, some days, the best we can do for ourselves and the world we live in.

Wishing you all the best, Love, Jyoti

Fall Meditation

Remember every day that you are filled with Light. That you are a child of the Universe/Multiverse. Offer that Light to others, in the form of visualization, prayer or just kindness from your heart.

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“Never wish them pain.

That’s not who you are.

If they caused you pain,

They must have pain inside.

Wish them healing.”

Najura Zebian

Fall 23 Astrology Column

October begins with Mercury opposing Neptune, trine Pluto and entering Libra from the 2nd to the 4th.Insights, personal questioning and wanting peace and balance. Pluto begins to Station from 3rd-19th, bringing intensity to all situations. On the 8th, Mars squares Pluto, suggesting a fairly intense day of power plays and challenges. Pluto turns Direct on the 10th, and we begin to outwardly express whatever we have been working on for the past 5 months. Mars enters Scorpio on the 11th so we feel a desire to look deeper now. The Solar New Moon Eclipse on the 14th at 11:55AM/MDT brings trust issues to the table. Expand your vision and sense of direction. Looking deeper again on the 20th/21st and learning experiences are favored on the 22nd.We enter Scorpio on the 23rd. The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 28th at 2:24PM/MDT suggests weeding through what use to nurture you and what no longer does. Time for change. We end October with Venus trine Uranus on the 31st : feeling freer and more forward looking.

November begins with Saturn Stationing 1-7 Nov., turning Direct on the 4th and we are using the lessons gleaned over the past several months. Set goals. Empowerment on the 6th, and on the 11th be mindful of where you place your feet. The New Moon on the 13th at 2:27AM/MST says be willing to dive deep. Some resolutions and challenges. Re-assess what you place importance on. The 17th brings spiritual opportunities and we enter Sagittarius on the 22nd. Push past self-imposed limitations on the 23rd and plan an adventure on the 24th. Mercury enters the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx) cycle on the 26th and we begin to look at our goals, the bigger picture and what we want to have in place. The Full Moon on the 27th at 2:16AM/MST says to trust your feelings. Loosen up. Trust your intelligence.

December begins with Neptune Stationing 1st-12th, turning Direct on the 6th, and things become much clearer and a desire to manifest our deeper, spiritual beliefs. The New Moon on the 12th at 4:32PM/MST and asks us who we are now? What risks and new territories are calling to you? Mercury turns Rx on the 13th for 3 weeks of self -reflection and meditation. Freedom needs on the 20th. We enter Capricorn and celebrate the Winter Solstice on the 21st at 8:27PM/MST and we look at the last quarter of the year, with Mercury Rx, suggesting it’s a more introspective time. Emotional transformational opportunities are offered and relationships trigger change. The Full Moon on the 26th at 5:33PM/MST brings trust issues up again. Also a push to re-define one’s life philosophy. Time along is beneficial. Expansive day on the 27th, and Jupiter turns Direct on the 30th. Very auspicious aspect to enter 2024! Happy Holidays!!!!

Solar New Moon Eclipse Oct 14 11:55AM/MDT

Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Oct 28 2:24PM/MDT

New Moon Nov 13 2:27AM/MST

Full Moon Nov 27 2:16AM/MST

New Moon Dec 12 4:32PM/MST

Winter Solstice Dec 21 8:27PM/MST

Full Moon Dec 26 5:33PM/MST

Mercury’s Cycle:

Nov 26 Enters its shadow

Dec 13 Goes Retrograde

Jan 2 Turns Direct

Jan 21 Catches up


My belief,

Tantamount to heresy in some circles,

Has evolved from early Catholic training,

Through Mystic Christianity,

Hinduism and Sanskrit texts,

Through Sufism and Paganism,

And along the way,

A sprinkling of metaphysics

And Shamanism.

I’m a compilation

Of many different types of thinking,

Always looking for the common bonds

Beneath the extraneous language.

Like the surface of a deep lake,

I can make small talk,

But my roots are deep

And long-tested over time.

I don’t claim allegiance

To any specific path.

It’s actually

Bits and pieces

Of all of them.

Jyoti Wind

Fall 2023 Book Reviews

Lately, Confronting my Aging

I waver with the constant winds of time passing.

Overcome, I grab on, to keep rooted.

Is it balance if I tip equally between hopeful & despairing?

Is it possible to have strong roots while the past still swirls willy nilly?

The drying eventually whither and hardens me.

My fruits become concentrated & sour as lime. Pucker.

What do I leave behind?

What do I move towards?

Terra Rafael

The Climate Book. GretaThurnberg has compiled THE CLIMATE BOOK, a collection of 101 essays regarding earth's climate and the effects of human activity on the planet. 83 of these essays are contributed by geophysicists, oceanographers and meteorologists; engineers, economists and mathematicians; historians, philosophers, indigenous leaders and climate activists. Everything you want and need to know regarding what happened, what we are doing, and what we need to do in order secure a future for all of the earth's inhabitants. Greta con-

tributed 18 of these essays. All of this is quite an accomplishment for a young 20 year old woman. She is the Rachel Carson of the 21st century.Read the book and follow the leader when there is a true leader to follow. Guest Reviewer: Seemanta

Oh, how the river fights me

For I am getting close

I have passed through hell itself

To find the other world

Dragonflies rest on my knees

The river keeps on moving

the new world,

it is close tonight

I can hear it breathing.

Lila Cancelieri

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference by Greta Thunberg In August 2018, 13 year old Greta Thunberg began a student strike to protest the climate crisis. The next day, another student joined her and a movement began. Twitter and Instagram took it global. In September,she spoke at the Climate March in Stockholm. In October she spoke at the Extinction Rebellion at Parliament Square in London. In December, she spoke at the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland. Then she spoke to the British Parliament, the French Assembly, the United States Congress and the UN General Assembly. All this in one year. All of her first 18 speeches are in this precious little book. This young woman offers us the courage, inspiration and energy to do the right thing. Guest Reviewer: Seemanta

Our House on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis by Greta Thurnberg, Svante Thurnberg, Malena Ernman and Beata Ernman

This is the extraordinary account of Greta's family (father, mother, sister) told by the mother Malena. When Greta was 11, she stopped eating and

speaking after seeing a film about the islands of plastic rubbish floating

in the oceans. Some time later, her sister developed Misophonia, a

neurological syndrome that involves intense discomfort with certain

everyday sounds; for example breathing, whispering, silverware clashing.

Malena is the main financial provider and father Svante provides the

role of shepherd to his girls. It is an inspiration to all of us who are

searching for a way to make the changes necessary for all life on the

planet to survive and thrive. Guest Reviewer: Seemanta

The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead: A Soul Traveler’s Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side by Robert Moss. The author takes us on a journey through preparing for death and people’s journeys through the veil. First hand accounts of dreams and understandings make this book a valuable tool. Like the Tibetan Book of the Dead or The American Book of the Dead, this book prepares us for the ultimate journey and shares what we might expect.

When death comes

like the hungry bear in autumn;

when death comes and takes all the bright coins from his purse

to buy me, and snaps the purse shut;

when death comes

like the measle-pox

when death comes

like an iceberg between the shoulder blades,

I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering:

what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness?

And therefore I look upon everything

as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,

and I look upon time as no more than an idea,

and I consider eternity as another possibility,

and I think of each life as a flower, as common

as a field daisy, and as singular,

and each name a comfortable music in the mouth,

tending, as all music does, toward silence,

and each body a lion of courage, and something

precious to the earth.

When it's over, I want to say all my life

I was a bride married to amazement.

I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

When it's over, I don't want to wonder

if I have made of my life something particular, and real.

I don't want to find myself sighing and frightened,

or full of argument.

I don't want to end up simply having visited this world

Mary Oliver When Death Comes

The Hall of All

Come into a spacious space

Of vast and endless Beingness,

Where every thought

Becomes a call

To create your life

In the Hall of All.

Here you will find

An open mind,

Where dreams come true.

It’s up to you

To reach your goal,

To touch your soul.

There may be hidden crannies where

A fear lies in the darkness there.

Perhaps a shameful act exposed,

A falsehood that you just supposed.

It will mean you sometimes fall

Because you’re in the Hall of All.

But you can reach the highest star

For you can be all that you are.

Your gifts are yours right from the start,

The biggest one, a loving heart.

Reaching out to one in need,

To mend a hurt, a gracious deed.

Consider all the wondrous ways

Creation manifests and plays,

A platypus, a dodo bird,

Whatever could be more absurd?

Whether big or whether small

You’ll find it in the Hall of All.

Perhaps you’ll want to take a peek

Or play a game of Hide and Seek.

Do you hear a melody?

A witty rhyme as old as time?

You can explore, there is no wall

To stop you in this Hall of All.

How can it be that it is so?

Because you have the will to know.

What is that and why is this,

And how can everything exist?

So many questions to enthrall

Our probing of this Hall of All.

And all the things of which you’re fond

Become a dream in the beyond.

But while you’re here, come do partake

Of joys and sorrows that you make

To keep you ever occupied

So you can say, at least you tried.

And though you may have been betrayed,

Your spirit crushed, your hopes dismayed.

Your thoughts lie in a whirpool churned

Your very life has been upturned

But you are blessed with fortitude

And overflowing gratitude.

Here, in this eternal space

You can forgive and thus erase

The angers, hurts, and what feels sad

To free your heart so it is glad

To have a life that you’ll recall

Is precious in this Hall of All.

Prema Rose

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