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Fall Equinox Celebration

Fall Equinox Celebration Flyer

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 6PM/MDT Free

Join me in a Celebration of the Harvest, of gratitude for what’s been given. Please have a candle and small bowl of water, perhaps some herbs or flower petals for our offerings to Banbha, the Celtic Mother Goddess of Ireland.

Then we will Journey to Banbha’s pyre to allow the fire to gorge itself on our grief from the past 1 ½ years, and all the loss that has been sustained, individually and collectively

. I feel we all need a place to take the grief that has built u

p during this time.

Journey experience necessary. If you want to participate and don’t have that experience, please reach out. I can lead you through a preliminary journey.

You can also check out my free Youtube channel. There is a lecture on Shamanism: Flight of the Spirit, and also a short video that leads you through a journey to find your compassionate spirit/spirit helper.


Please respond for the Zoom link.


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