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Flight of the Spirit: Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop


Introduction to Shamanism

Learn how to utilize different states of consciousness to gather information, power and courage. Using traditional techniques, we will learn about non-ordinary reality, the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds, and spirit helpers We will journey to the land of the spirits. This workshop is both lecture and experiential. We will journey to the World Tree and other places. No experience necessary.

Saturday, Feb 15 and Sunday, Feb 16 10AM— 3PM


Location: Boulder, Co.

Address upon registration

Please bring pillow and blanket, yoga mat, warm socks and something to place on the altar to hold your place, along with pen and paper. Drums and rattles are welcome. Please bring something for your lunch. Nuts, fruits and tea provided.

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer, Writer and Shamanic Practitioner with over 40 yrs. experience in both the Outer World and the Inner World.

Payment through PayPal invoice. Include email address when registering.

Or check to Jyoti Wind, 2635 Mapleton Ave. #9, Boulder, CO 80304.


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