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Jyoti's letter #2

Jyoti’s Letter #2 (2/27/22)

I am healing well from the ice fall and resultant surgery to my wrist/arm bones. Rehab next week. So, I will be resuming things slowly. At least I am off the pain opiates and can think more clearly.

I am so grateful for all the prayers, journeys and help I have received on this plane from so many of you, and from other dimensions with their comfort and inspiration. I will be resuming seeing clients after March 14th and meeting with groups then, as well.

I will be leading the Shamanic Study Group on Sunday, March 13th, at 10 AM MDT. Will send out a flyer beforehand. Free.

The Flight of the Spirit Workshop will continue for the last two sessions on Monday evenings at 5:00pm /MDT, March 14th & 21st.

The Gathering of Courage Workshop will continue on Thursday evenings at 6:00pm MDT, March 17th, 24th and 31st.

I will be facilitating a Spring Equinox Celebration on March 20, Sunday evening at 6PM/MDT/ All are welcome. Free. No Shamanic experience necessary. We will do a visualization.

I will be offering a PsychoPomp 6-Week Training Course on Thursday evenings at 6:00pm /MDT beginning on April 14th and ending on May 19th. $150.

We are being overshadowed right now with a Pluto return to the US chart, a cycle of 246 years. Since we are a player on the world stage, what happens here reverberates globally. We are being given opportunities for change and transformation which usually begins with the breakdown of old ways of doing things. This appears to be a two-year cycle, but really lasts well into a decade. This is just a beginning process of change with this country and the world.

More later when I can type this information myself!

Blessings to all, Jyoti


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