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New Book!!!! In Search of the Sacred

New Book!!!!

In Search of the Sacred:

Meditations on Sacred Sites Around the World

by Jyoti Wind

Illustrations by Megan Halsey

Meditate or Journey to the sites of Spain, Ireland, Asia, Scotland and the United States. Include Egypt, Turkey, Central and South America in your explorations.

From the back cover:

Jyoti Wind has supported many people on their personal sacred paths using so many different tools. This book is yet another, the culmination of her years of subtle sensing. Just as she invited others into her vision of the grid sacred sites by bringing crystals to them, and others by doing shamanic journeys to them, she now invites you to join in. Use this book to deepen your own connection to the Sacred on Earth and within you. The richness is limited only by how much intention and time you put into it. Terra Rafael, author, teacher, midwife.

$22.95 + $4.s/h. r available now.

I have been working on this project for over 30 years, giving people who were traveling, crystals to take with them, leave them at a sacred site for a short time, and then bring them back to me to meditate with, and for others to journey holding them.

As the world is changing, some of these sites have or will perish. Experience them here yourself first hand, do your own meditation, your own journey, to these places and see what they have for you.

You can order the book:

And pay for them thru: Venmo @Jyoti-Wind or PayPal using the above email address.


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