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Sacred Journeys: Soul Retrieval Workshop

Sacred Journeys: Soul Retrieval Workshop

Sept.16, 23, 30, Oct.7, 6:30PM/MDT


In life, due to trauma and abuse, public humiliation, accidents, illness, and surgery, we lose personal energies. In order to be whole wherever we stand on the planet and make the decisions life asks of us, we need all our pieces, all our strengths.

Join me in learning this Sacred Journey of Soul Retrieval to assist others in becoming more whole.

Class 1- Personal Childhood Retrieval

Class 2- Interactive Soul Retrieval with class mates

Class 3- Soul Retrieval practice in absentia

Class 4- Extractions

Basic Shamanic Journey skills a must. We will work via Zoom. If you sign up, please plan to be present for all 4 sessions.

Jyoti Wind has over 35 years experience with the Inner Worlds and the Outer Worlds with Shamanic Practices. Contact info: 303.483-8602

For Venmo payment: @Jyoti-Wind

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