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Starshine News Fall 2021

Starshine News Vol.25, #4 Fall 2021

Dear Friends, This appears to be my poetry addition. There were just some pieces I couldn’t pass up sharing. There such a division in the culture and more impetus to take sides daily. I think it reflects the divide inside of each of us. How can we bring those personal, disparate parts together. How can we heal society. We must heal ourselves first. Learn how to love yourself. Love your body. Love your mind even with all the busyness and crap that goes on in there. Take a meditation class if it gets to be too much. Love the choices you have made. They all got you here, and if you can love yourself in the here and now, it’s all good! Have a healthy Fall and benevolent holiday! Be well, Jyoti Fall Meditation Breathe in slowly, 2,3,4. Hold,2,3,4. Release, 2,3,4. Hold air out,2,3,4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Calms the mind and body. Simple practice. Astrological Services Consultations are $120. They include: Natal, and Transit Reading. Relationship Charts. Astrocartography Maps. Shamanic Journeys. Spiritual Consulting. Children’s Charts: $60 under 14 yrs. Sliding scale available

As the wick rises to the flame May we rise To the times And to the fire The Universe is inviting Us into. Jyoti Wind

Fall 2021 Astrology Column Pluto is stationing for the first half of October and goes Direct on the 6th. This is a period of intensity and also deep insights on the 1st with Mercury square Pluto. The New Moon also on the 6th at 5:05AM/MDT brings a new cycle of dynamic action and expanded communication. Expand your sense of community. Saturn gives us structure and foundation from the 8-15th. Power-play day on the 17th. Mercury turns Direct on the 18th at 9:17AM.MDT and we re-do a lot of the previous 3 weeks.

The Full Moon on the 20th at 8:57AM/MDT brings a look at power structures, how you empower yourself, and how you assist others in stepping into theirs. Mars squares Pluto on the 21st. Not a day to face a dragon. You might lose. Intense day. As we move into Scorpio on the 22nd and through the end of the month, we look deeper, re-examine our spiritual concepts and our limitations. We end October with a look at larger possibilities.

November begins with Mercury square Pluto on the 2nd, and your ability to see underneath the obvious, deepens. The New Moon on the 4th at 3:15PM/MDT says good time for learning, studying, writing. Trust your inner voice, your own truth. Expect the unexpected as well. Mercury dances with Mars and Saturn on the 10th, energizing community and peering beneath self-limitations. Flow on the 12th, insights on the 13th, and watch where you place your body in time and space on the 17th. Be aware of your surroundings.

The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th at 1:57PM/MST gives emotional strength and resilience. Be true to your values. Trust your emotional intelligence. Personal insights on the 28th and healing experiences perhaps on the 30th.

December begins with Neptune turning Direct on the 1st, bringing sensitivities to light and we express more of our dreams and spiritual understandings now. The Solar New Moon Eclipse on the 4th at 12:43AM/MST says take some risks. Clear out the old stuff. Make room for what’s coming in this new cycle. Change and insights on the 11th. The Full Moon on the 18th at 9:36PM/MST wants us to learn how to nurture ourselves, not just everyone else. Be emotionally available also. Venus turns Retrograde (Rx) on the 19th until the end of Jan.’22, and it’s a time of re-assessing our goals, our sense of direction. Keep track of the finances.

The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st at 8:59PM/MST. During this next quarter freedom, goal orientation, and perseverance are all top qualities and healthy endeavors. We have the third pass of Saturn square Uranus on the 23rd, the signature aspect of the year, again asking for the balance between the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative, restriction and freedom. Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 28th and begins to expand Pisces’ lives for the next several months. We end the year with Mercury conjunct Pluto on the 30th. We are being given ‘access to the mysteries of the Universe’ if we care to look! Happy Christmas and New Year!

New Moon Oct 6 5:05AM/MDT Mercury turns Direct Oct 18 9:17AM/MDT Full Moon Oct 20 8:57AM/MDT New Moon Nov 4 3:15PM/MDT Nov 7 Daylight Savings Ends Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Nov 19 1:57PM/MST Solar New Moon Eclipse Dec 4 12:43AM/MST Full Moon Dec 18 9:36PM/MST Venus Rx Dec 19 3:36AM/MST Winter Solstice Dec 21 8:59PM/MST

Dreams of the Ancient Mothers Shamanic Workshop

4 sessions, $100. Shamanic experience necessary. Nov.4, 11, 18, Dec.2


Fall 2021 Book Review

Darling one

You were born from the sweetest Love

Cast from the fires of creation

Burning bright into the making of

Your perfect constellations

Head high, my love

Never let them diminish you

Stand tall in the power of your love

Break open to the thousands come before you

Written in your heart with holy blood

Keep going, my love

Hold tight to the scripture of your inheritance

Your dreams born from ancient stone

Weave your magic, star of wisdom

Breathing life into hollow bones

Courage, my love

Place pain upon your sacred altars

Grow seeds where life has become hopeless

Lend hands to those who fall and falter

Let Love be life’s greatest Opus..

~ Tara Wild

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Piccoult. Dawn has moment to think about her life as the flight attendants yell, “Brace for impact.” She is a death doula in Boston after working in Egypt as an archeology student for several years, years earlier. Dawn is married and a mother, all of which play a role in her choices. As she faces her death, the ‘what ifs’ come to mind. What if she hadn’t left Egypt, or at least returned. We travel through past and present with her. Included in the storyline are the histories of the Egyptian dignitaries, burial chambers and the hieroglyphics that define them, and a client she is presently assisting in her dying process. I really loved this book.

Don’t Abandon Yourself Not when you’re sick. Not when you’re tired. Not when you’ve lost the thread the thought or the thing you thought defined you. You will die many times in one life and create yourself anew. This is natural. This is a gift. I’ve died a few times now here in this world. The person I was— gone. Throw that older skin into the water. Give it to the sky. Step into what wants to emerge now. Nothing can hold you back when you are willing to be yourself. -Jeannette Encinias

Queen Owl Wings: A collection of poems by Jeannette Encinias will be available November 2021!

The Ingrid Skyberg Thrillers, Book 1 by Eva Hudson. I bought the trilogy of the first three books and was not disappointed. Love the series. Ingrid is an FBI Agent attached to the American Embassy in London. Anything involving American citizens is her domain. She is hardly welcomed by the local police, although she does try. Murder and mayhem bring her to crime scenes and her unpopularity has her ferreting out her own plans of solving the crimes. Which she does well. (I like series. Since I wrote this I have read the next 6 books.)

Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy by Isobel Blackthorn. This book details AB’s life and struggles; her efforts to make the Ageless Wisdom of the Theosophical Society available to the interested average person, not just the social elite as it had been in the 1920s. This is a behind the scenes look at what brought recognition and infamy. All the popular characters of the times, and most of the ones I personally read and studied, were presented from Rudolph Steiner, Annie Besant, Helene Blavatsky, Charles Leadbetter, Carl Jung and then later the New Age movement and all the popular guru figures that vied for the awakening of souls including Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Fascinating!!!

I was surprised at all the women of those times, post WWI, who worked tirelessly to present metaphysical knowledge and spiritual concepts to the public. I had read Alice’s books and borrowed them from the Lucis Trust library in NYC when I lived in N.J. Now I can see what led up to her Arcane School and her Goodwill work making it to the U.N.

For me, this was a trek down memory lane and a good look at the people who shaped my thinking, as I began exploring my own spiritual path in the 70s. It put the puzzle pieces together.

“Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose. Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently, until the song that is yours alone to sing falls into your open cupped hands and you recognize and greet it. Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worthy of rescue.”

Martha Postulwaite

“Storytelling, you know, has a real function. The process of the storytelling is itself a healing process, partly because you have someone there who is taking the time to tell you a story that has great meaning to them. They’re taking the time to do this because your life could use some help, but they don’t want to come over and just give advice. They want to give it to you in a form that becomes inseparable from your whole self. That’s what stories do. Stories differ from advice in that, once you get them, they become a fabric of your whole soul. That is why they heal you.”

~Alice Walker, in an interview about her work in Common Boundary, 1990

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ* return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men – The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Alice A. Bailey: Life and Legacy by Isobel Blackthorn.

The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan. Garda detective Cormac Reilly is back in this second thriller and it is as fascinating as the first book. (I rushed back to the library after I finished reading The Ruin, to grab up Book 2). This book weaves in and around Galway University, and the murder of a young student (or is she?) rather quickly places Detective Reilly’s, girlfriend, Dr Emma Sweeney, as the prime suspect. The story twists and turns in the complexity of how different life looks depending on which side of the economic track the characters come from. I love the primary characters in this series, and already itching to get my hands on the newly published Book 3, The Good Turn,. Guest reviewer by Annette Price

′′I release my partner from the obligation to complete me. I release my parents from the feeling they failed with me. I release my children from the need to bring me pride, so they can write their own paths to the rhythm of their hearts. I don't lack anything. I cherish my essence, my way of expressing it, even if not everyone can understand me. I learn from all beings, all the time. I honor the divinity in me and you." - (from a Shamanic blessing translated from Nahuatl)

The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul by Connie Zweig, Ph.D. I have just begun reading this book. Should I have waited to review it till I finished it. I think I will offer my sense of it, as I will read from its almost 400 pages for a while.

Personal growth and spiritual development are key focuses as one ages and drops the roles one has lived inside of for many year. Now soul beckons, and the soul work that one finally has time for and can make time for. The author interviews current spiritual figures from Krishna Das to ageism crusader Ashton Applewhite, from Buddhist Psychologist Rick Hansen to shadow work, illness and depression. An interview with Father Thomas Keating around the ego’s life review to Psychiatrist Roger Walsh and lost creativity and relationships, and so much more.

I will take my time with this one, and probably publish quotes from it, from time to time.


Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of the Morrigan. A Girl God Anthology, Trista Hendren, Jessica Johnson and Pat Daly. An Anthology with black and white art work and poetry, stories about this Celtic Goddess of war, death and prophecy.

“We are at a pivotal point going forward. Will we continue to support the status quo—or will we demand and create an entirely new world. The Morrigan is just the Goddess to usher the shift we desperately need. May we give Her the welcome party she deserves.” By Trista Hendren (from the book).


I Never Looked Back

When I was young

and first starting out

I met a mystic

and she showed me

the world through her eyes.

I never looked back.

She showed me her heart

and how the world was held

inside of it.

I saw what I needed to learn.

She showed me

the grace of simple service

and I saw my path

stretch out ahead of me.

I never looked back. Jyoti Wind

2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Jyoti

Oct.10 Free


Theme: Dismemberment

Discuss: Having your own shamanic practices

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4th Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Terra

Oct.24, Free


Drumming/moving while journeying

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Sunday, Oct 31, Free


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Dreams of the Ancient Mothers Workshop


4 sessions, $100.

RSVP if you are interested.

Jyoti Wind

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