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Starshine News June 2024

Starshine News

Vol.28, #3

Summer  2024

Dear Friends,

The Buddhists say, ‘Suffering is inherent in life.’ We are born, we have relationships and different perspectives, friends move away or leave us, people die. We must make peace with all of this. Yes, we honor the pain, the joy, the anger. ALL OF IT!!!! And then we come to some types of acceptance that this is what life is. This is what it means to have a human life and be in a human body.

Own your own experiences, all of them.

I was inspired this morning while listening to a talk by Viola Davis. So powerful. And how powerful is it to own everything. All the scars, all the wounds, all the successes, all the understandings life brought you to.

Blessings, Jyoti


Summer Meditation:

Breathe in Light. Breathe in Love. Let them both fill all your cells. Just fill yourself with the abundance that each breath carries. Breathe in Light. Breathe in Love.


Astrological Services

Consultations $200


Natal and Transit Readings.

Relationship Charts.

Astrocartography Readings.

Spiritual Consulting.

Shamanic Healing Work

Children’s Charts: $60 under 10 years old.

11-18 years, $100.

Sliding Scale available.




June ’24 Astrology Column

July begins with Neptune turning Retrograde on the 2nd (until early Dec.). We are working inwardly on our spiritual process. The New Moon on the 5th at 4:57PM/MDT gives staying power, perseverance. Be willing to look deeper. On the 11th, Venus brings music, singing, spiritual opportunities and leadership skills. Mars is conjunct Uranus on the 15th at 8:05AM/MDT and it’s a day of erratic energy. Be mindful of your body and its surroundings. Mercury enters its shadow on the 17th and begins another Mercury cycle, having moved into the first few degrees of Virgo and will Retrograde (Rx) back through Leo. Be discerning and yet seek helpful info. The Full Moon on the 21st at 4:17AM/MDT brings spiritual understandings and personal power to initiate change. The Sun opposes Pluto on the 22nd and challenges are afoot.

August begins with wanting freedom of expression on the 2md. The New Moon comes in on the 4th at 5:13AM.MDT and says build the house you want to live in. Push beyond self-limitation. Mercury goes Rx on this day also, at 10:56PM/MDT. We begin the 3 week inner looking and inner work that this time calls for. On the 15th, Mars is square Saturn and suggests looking beyond where you usually do. It’s a catalyst for movement. The Full Moon on the 19th at 12:26PM/MDT says expect the unexpected over this next Moon cycle. Some frustrations and trust issues. Trust your intuition. Mercury turns Direct on the 28th at 3:14PM/MDT and we begin to implement what we’ve gleaned over the previous 3 weeks. We end August with Venus trine Pluto, a sense of empowerment and flow.

September begins with Uranus turning Rx on the 1st, for several months and we look at our inner work and how we trust our intuition. Pluto also begins its last slide back into Capricorn (until Nov.19) and we finish up the work of the last 16 years. Are there loose ends or unfinished business. The New Moon on the 2nd at 7:56PM/MDT brings a flow of practical energy, change, and a push to live your truth more. On the 7th, the Sun opposes Saturn and it’s an effort to re-evaluate the last 14 years and keep what’s been working and let go of what hasn’t. Mercury catches up on the 12th and ends this Mercury cycle. We step into new territory. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 17th at 8:34PM/MDT is very powerful. There is a Grand Trine in Earth signs including the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. The Nodes are square Mars. Easy to interpret as a flow and ease yet a challenge is there. What is the dream, the larger wish, and how do you ground it. Pay attention to boundaries. Freedom-loving day on the 19th, check in spiritually on the 20th, and a day of empowerment on the 21t. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd at 6:44AM/MDT brings strength over the next quarter along with a sense of ‘up and down’ possibilities. Focus and accomplishment possible on the 29th and good insight into self on the 30th. Happy Fall!!!!

New Moon July 5    4:57PM/MDT

Mercury enters its Shadow  July 17

Full Moon  July 21  4:17AM/MDT

New Moon   Aug 4  5:13AM/MDT

    Mercury turns Rx  10:56PM/MDT        

Full Moon  Aug 19  12:26PM/MDT

Mercury turns Direct  Aug 28  3:14PM/MDT

New Moon  Sept 2   7:56PM/MDT

Mercury catches up  Sept. 12

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  Sept. 17  8:34PM/MDT

Autumnal Equinox Sept 22  6:44AM/MDT


Summer ‘24 Book Reviews


Broken Water by Barbara Lane is a powerful, compelling memoir that reveals the failure of orphanages and foster care of years past. One sister out of 11 sisters searched and found the other 10 who were separated from each other and abused in their youth. Photos show the love of a reunited family. A page-turner!     Arlene S. Bice, author of Rumors and Other Short Stories.


Authors I’ve been reading: Priscilla Masters and the Joanna Piercy series.

Anthea Fraser, Gretta Mulrooney,

Helen H. Durant, Dig Two Graves.

Most of these are English and Welsh.


Running with Sherman : The Donkey with the Heart of a Hero, by Christopher McDougall. There are many reasons why I personally loved this book : it has the word “donkey” in the subtitle and I have two miniature donkeys, and it is about a race that takes place in Leadville, Colorado near where I live. Then the author branches out into many topics that are dear to my heart.  For instance, an interesting look at the historic relationship between 2-legged human animals and all the rest of the animal kingdom; the vital importance of walking out the door and opening to Mother Nature, the extremely thin line between exhilarating excitement and a full-blown anxiety attack; an interesting look at the rise of depression in our nation and some phenomenal alternative treatments, and then he weaves in several examples of “Equine assisted therapy and learning” which is an unbridled passion of mine.  Christopher McDougall is a compelling story teller, with a quirky sense of humor and a fast-paced delivery. ( I understand he is also the best-selling author of Born to Run.) This is a “feel-good” book filled with sobering thoughts, wee bits of science, a mix of several delightful love stories; all delivered with wit and honesty.  “Burro racing was inspired by prospectors and jackassess, the true American misfits…  <As a participant>  You’ve got one hope of getting to the finish line, and that’s to forget about dominance and ego and discover the power of sharing and caring, compassion and cooperation.” Enjoy !!  Guest Reviewer: Annette Price.  Author,  Master Gestaltist, Equine Assisted Coaching.


The Voices of Genesis by Nicholas Brink Ph. D.  It is my pleasure to endorse this book, of which I was a participant, authored by my friend and mentor Nick Brink. His years of wisdom, research and writings offer a wealth of knowledge that is historical as well as ground-breaking. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with Nick and our group on this project. I encourage anyone interested in exploring ecstatic trance, altered states of consciousness, hypnotherapy and the use of mythology and archetypes for personal insight and growth to check out this book, as well as Nick's substantial anthology. Guest Reviewer: Donna Salvadore


The Writing Prompt: Why Do I Write:

Why do I write? Because if I get it down on paper ~ I will remember it ~ otherwise these great thoughts and ideas that are being gifted to me just … disappear.

 I have always loved reading and writing. Reading gave me a place to go when I was younger. Now it’s a place to go inside and discover. And all that reading transferred, or morphed, into a desire to put my own thoughts on paper. I have things to say! Writing takes me beyond “thinking out loud.”  Writing gives structure to my thoughts, and therefore my life. I have an active imagination that I need to feed with sincerity and total belief to make it feel appreciated.

 Sometimes I write to let go of that which screams inside me ~ bouncing off the interior of the skin I live in.  So, I grab pencil and tablet - pen and paper – computer keys – whatever.  The road to venting rolls out in front of me so that I don’t throw garbage out on that which I love. It lets me process the feelings, the raw fresh meat of being alive at this time.

 I see a whale ~ she is swimming.  She rises to the surface and blows. In the steam I see letters and words and ideas. She is awesome. She is content. She is complete.   Annette Price


I write to find clarity… when I am unclear, confused or hurt about something. Writing

helps me sort of my lines of communication with myself. Sometimes it is obvious that

my emotions are snarled up in the midst of a situation that needs clarity.

It is not that I always solve the situation or even move closer to a clearing – but that I

actually take the time to seriously sort out my thoughts, my feelings, my wants, my

dislikes, my projections… my whatever!

I need to get all of the “gunchy” stuff on the pages rather than have it rattling around in

my head with conversations —all my own, arguing with each other.

Writing helps me delineate my thoughts more clearly… It is actually the only way I have

of honestly sorting out the “collide-a-scope” of the mental jumble that is a quagmire in

my mind like quicksand that sinks into oblivion, never needing to be dealt with (since… I


I seem to have levels and layers of snarls…occasionally unrelated and somehow in the

mix, because of past situations that are/were similar. Yikes!

For me, it&#39;s all about 1) laying it out, 2) sorting it out, 3) validating all of it,

4) re-evaluating all of it. Then I let it rest a while.

This allows me to step out of the “mind-dump” and gives me a less involved

perspective. (This is hopefully with objectivity which I didn’t  have before.)

Only from this process do I have a chance of discovering what a goldmine I have in

store for me to learn from! And, yes, ALL of it… projections, denials, better than’s, less

than’s, exaggerations, distortions…    Susan McCallum





I write because I like the worlds my writing self  lives in. I want to be with the people and

animals and plants I find there. I am transported and lose a sense of time when I am there.


I write because I like to organize my plans and thoughts on paper where I can see them,

change and rearrange them, and find clear paths, patterns, and maps.


Writing is my comfort zone. But I do find it difficult to write when I am deeply upset. My

hand goes wild, the words shout, slip about, tumble, grow larger and larger and become

indecipherable. It can take years before I am ready to read them again.


I write because it keeps me in touch with the essence of me. For example, I came upon an

entry written over sixty years ago when my son was born. I was amazed at the perceptive

insights I had at the young age of twenty-two and thought, “Good for me!”


Writing is a gift I can keep giving to the future me. So, I guess I write because it is a

wonderful present place for me to be in, and it will be there for future me to enjoy.


And maybe others would enjoy it too. That would be satisfying.    Deedee Carr



Writing is my Stonehenge,

Marking the phases of my light & darkness,

Making stone out of the electricity of my life & mind.

It’s to remember, to forget, to tell you & my ancestors all about it.

Writing is a balance to hours & years of reading

So many words others have written.

Writing is watching myself & the world

               Like when I quietly sit & watch a bird live its life

               Without disturbing it.

At various moments

It’s my resume, my to-do list, my bucket list, my deepest longings,

My obituary.

Writing stalks & captures moments –

               Hoping to convey the liveliness of life within simple lines on paper.

  Terra Rafael


I write because I can’t not. The words come. I’ve created a channel of openness and when the flow begins, I run for paper.

I write, not as often as at other times, because it’s been my identity since I was nine. I wanted to write a novel then on the old Underwood typewriter I was given to play with. I wrote: Chapter 1, Page 1, and nothing came. I didn’t know myself as a writer then, just knew I wanted to be one.

I write because I enjoy reading the end product. I love words, their origins, their sound, the images they conjure up, so having pen and paper with me, just in case, is important, just in case an image unties with language in my mind and I want to remember it.

I write because sometimes I need to read what I’ve written. It’s for me as well and anyone else. Sometimes there’s a truth I need to know that I’m not hearing with my inside ears. As I read it on the page out loud, I get it.

I write because I have a Grand Trine in Air and it’s the most normal thing for me to do. It’s how the creative well-spring that I carry, emerges into the 3D world.

I write because I have become a writer.    Jyoti Wind

TimeThe soul will not settlebut it may wait a few centuriesfor you not to.The soul has time.Sky time.Depth of the ocean time.Stars, entire galaxies kind of time.You go out into the world.Fall down and fall overas many times as you need to.The ten year detour, sure.The career that was never yours, alright.The love that took a whole life to get over, fine.The soul gets it.Your soul is the best friendyou ever had.And the soul has all the time in the worldfor you to return backto your own self.Whenever you're ready.Because the soul will not settle.~Jeannette Encinias


I Ching by Hilary Barrett. The author has written a modern interpretation of the traditional book of divination. Called the Book of Changes, the I Ching is an oracle that one consults when questions in life arise. It offers insight into why the question is present, what possible forces are at work in the background, and what the wisest course of action might be.

I’ve used an I Ching, usually the traditional Richard Wilhem’s translation and now I use both books, the traditional and the modern versions to obtain a fuller picture, a broader answer to my question, to the reason I consulted the I Ching in the first place.

Barrett’s I Ching is so readable, vastly applicable, and enjoyable. I recommend her work.



“I no longer care whether the world is an illusion or whether it is real. Whether God exists or does not. Whether I reincarnate or come to a full stop when this body dies. I no longer care about being spiritual or being enlightened. I care only that I live as the open hand in the midst of that which offends me. That I surrender my self-righteousness when it rears its tight fist. That I meet you in tenderness without needing to take care of you or please you. I am no longer scared by dark feelings, because nothing is dark when it is fully allowed. Sadness, regret, loss and despair…all these are children of the One Life, and all are welcome here. Each one of them comes home to my heart and kisses me gently before it is gone. Nothing is denied and nothing stays. I am no-thing and I am every-thing.I am both the dream and the dreamless. I am the unbroken amidst the broken.”       Amoda Maa




What does it mean to be a Witch in these days. 5 part series.


Film: The Miracle Club




UntetherLet death remind youjust how useless it isto live anyone else's lifeexcept for your own.Let the drum of your heartcarry up and over the incessant noiseof everyone else's agenda.You did not come hereto be told what to dobut rather to unfold intoyour innate knowing.Untether yourself from anyoneor anythingthat makes you forgetwho you are.—Jeannette Encinias



Mood Crystals

A thick layer of powdery snow covered the sidewalk.

Dread loomed over all the shoveling at hand, until…

Predawn moonbeams lit the surface

A rare sight of glistened crystals presented an opportunity

To turn the foul mood into sparkling delight.

   Holly Hunter










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