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Starshine News, Winter 2023

Starshine News

Vol.27, #1

Winter 2023

Winter 2023 Editorial

Dear Friends,

There’s no reward or punishment. You do what you do because that’s what you do. Because that’s what you feel is right to do. There’s no big reward for it. There’s no punishment if you don’t do it. It’s up to you.

I remember a biblical quote that said something like, look not to the fruits of your actions. In other words, you make a choice and you do something or you don’t do it. And it’s not because of what you’re going to get from the action or that you feel driven to do it out of guilt or obligation or responsibility. Sometimes it’s a very simple choice. I want to do this. I don’t want to do this. And you do what you do because that’s what you do and that’s what you feel drawn to do and it’s innate within you to do it.

Winter Meditation

Rekindle your own Light. Take a candle, or several, and with your hands, scoop up the Light from the flame. Pass your hands over your head in self-blessing, into your heart to spark that eternal love flame within yourself. Rekindle this spark of Divinity within yourself for the year ahead. Do this often.

Astrological Services

Consultations $120


Natal and Transit Readings.

Relationship Charts.

Astrocartograpy Maps.

Spiritual Consulting.

Shamanic Journeys, $100.

Children’s Charts: $60 under 14 years old.

Sliding Scale available.

Winter 23 Astrology Column

The New Year begins with Venus conjunct Pluto and Mercury and Mars Retrograde (Rx). A day of looking at one’s direction and the sense of surrender to what is, and trying to push the river. The Sun trine Uranus on the 5th wants a flow of freedom experiences. The Full Moon on the 6th at 4:08PM/MST is an opening into new ways of healing. Intuition is high. Trust it. Personal insights on the 7th, creativity on the 9th, and Mars turns Direct on the 12th at 1:56PM/MST. We have had Mars Rx for months, and now forward movement and implementation. Be ready. On the 18th, Mercury turns Direct at 4:12AM/MST and The Sun is conjunct Pluto. A day of intensity and yet forward thinking. Uranus is stationing from the 19-27th and we can expect the unexpected. The New Moon on the 21st at 1:53PM/MST brings new ideas and a deeper looking. The Lunar New Year of the Rabbit begins on Jan.22 and Peace, Prosperity and Hope. As I know Rabbit, it is a symbol of immense creative self-expression.

February begins with Sun square Uranus on the 1st. Again, expect the unexpected. The Full Moon on the 5th at11:29AM/MST and asks you what is the Truth for you. What is calling you to change. Deep insights on the 10th, taking personal authority on the 16th, and a sense of adventure on the 19th. The New Moon on the 20th at 12:06AM/MST suggests looking for deeper reasons for surface happenings. Insights on the 20th.

March begins with the Full Moon on the 7th at 5:40AM/MST and says to be open to see things differently. Try new approaches. On March 14th, stay true to your integrity and on March 16, there are spiritual insights to be had, a direction of action that could be taken, and a shedding of old nuances of self. The Spring Equinox on March 20 at3:24PM/MDT and brings catalysts from several directions: Action, communication, and self-nurturing. Strength and fortitude are available for the next quarter of the year. Be clear in your direction. The New Moon on the 21st at 11:23AM/MDT gives staying power. Trust what you know and go for it. Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd at 6:13AM/MDT and will remain here until June. We get a taste of a new 20 year time frame really beginning in 2024. We will feel the shift, if not right away, at least over the next few years. This is a huge transition from business and corporate thought to new ways of learning and being human. We end March with having energy to focus and make things happen with a desire to do it our own way.

Happy New Year and Happy Spring!

Full Moon Jan 6 4:08PM/MST

New Moon Jan 21 1:53PM/MST

Lunar New Year of the Rabbit Jan 22

Full Moon Feb 5 11:29AM/MST

New Moon Feb 20 12:06AM/MST

Full Moon Mar7 5:40AM/MST

Spring Equinox Mar 20 3:24PM/MDT

Pluto enters Aquarius Mar 23 6:13AM/MDT

Mercury’s Cycle:

Mercury enters its shadow Dec 12

Turns Rx Dec 29

Goes Direct Jan 18

Catches up Feb.7


Can horses assist people who are suffering from anxiety?

The short answer is “Yes!” Science has taken recent measures to prove what “horse people” have known for centuries, and what Winston Churchill once stated, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." Horses, in all their majesty and largess, have an innate ability to calm our hearts, our minds, and our souls. I have been actively witnessing for the past fifteen years how horses positively affect those folks who are blessed to stand beside them. I cannot explain “how” she does it, but I have watched my beautiful mare, Lakota … physically change people .. from 5 years-old to 85.

After participating in a simple grooming exercise, many clients make statements such as: “I feel like I have just lost 150 pounds” and “I feel more calm and grounded than I have felt in a very long time.” Another experience, simply standing beside a horse (either in the round pen with them or on the other side of the fence, and noticing the horse’s rib cage move with their heartbeat, or the rise and fall of their breath - and matching your breath with that of the horse - will still the mind and melt away surface anxiety. Annette Price. Dually Certified Master Equine Gestalt Coach, On the Wings of a



The mist circling the canyon walls today

Dictates a mystical sense-

Holy Nature breathing water made visible in the air.

The skin of desert plants awakens to the moisture.

Sacred water is muse to the poetry of desiccation.

Terra Raphael

Winter 2023 Book Reviews

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michelle Richardson. The fact that this novel is based on true events and real people is mind blowing. This is a story of Kentucky’s Pack Horse librarians, and the “blue people” who lived up the creeks and hollows in the back county mountains of Kentucky in the 1930’s. The heroine, Cussy, is not only a library woman willing to travel difficult mountain terrain to bring books to the folks on her routes - she is also the last of her kind; her skin a shade of blue that sets her apart – and the age-old prejudices that make her life difficult and dangerous. This book is compelling on many levels, and very hard to put down. Guest Reviewer: Annette Price

All women speak two languages: the language of men and the language of silent suffering. Some women speak a third, the language of queens. They are marvelous and they are my friends. My friends give me poetry. If it were not for them I’d be a seamstress out of work. They send me their dresses and I sew together poems, enormous sails for ocean journeys. My marvelous friends, these women who are elegant and fix engines, who teach gynecology and literacy, and work in jails and sing and sculpt and paint the ninety-nine names, who keep each other’s secrets and pass on each other’s spirits like small packets of leavening, it is from you I fashion poetry. I scoop up, in handfuls, glittering sequins that fall from your bodies as you fall in love, marry, divorce, get custody, get cats, enter supreme courts of justice, argue with God. You rescuers on galloping steeds of the weak and the wounded– Creatures of beauty and passion, powerful workers in love– you are the poems. I am only your stenographer. I am the hungry transcriber of the conjuring recipes you hoard in the chests of your great-grandmothers. My marvelous friends–the women of brilliance in my life, who levitate my daughters, you are a coat of many colors in silk tie-dye so gossamer it can be crumpled in one hand. You houris, you mermaids, swimmers in dangerous waters, defiers of sharks– My marvelous friends, thirsty Hagars and laughing Sarahs, you eloquent radio Aishas, Marys drinking the secret milkshakes of heaven, slinky Zuleikas of desire, gay Walladas, Harriets parting the sea, Esthers in the palace, Penelopes of patient scheming, you are the last hope of the shrinking women. You are the last hand to the fallen knights You are the only epics left in the world Come with me, come with poetry Jump on this wild chariot, hurry– Mohja Kahf

A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert. This is a work of historical fiction by one of my long-time favorite authors (especially the China Bayles “herbal” mystery series) that looks into the question of who actually wrote the eight “Little House in the Big Woods” books, published from 1932 to 1943 :: Laura Ingalls Wilder, or her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. I was not aware that this was a mystery; but thoroughly enjoyed reading of the dynamics between mother and daughter, both strong-willed women, and descriptions of western Missouri where I personally grew up. This novel is filled with rich dialog and includes a fascinating look into the Great Depression, the folks who lived it, the authors that wrote of it, and the literary world that published it. Albert did extensive research into this question and she includes a rich bibliography of Further Reading should you desire to dig in deeper. Guest Reviewer: Annette Price.


I have been reading Swedish and Icelandic authors of murder mysteries lately. Loving the change of atmosphere, place, and language/nuances. And along the way, I managed to read another Ann Cleeves Vera mystery, Louise Penny’s latest (#18) Inspector Gamache’s adventure, The World of Curiosities. There’s a few mysteries I’ve started and let them go. Not worth my time or just didn’t connect to my interest.

The Fox by Solveig Palsdottier. A young woman from Sri Lanka exits a place in a snow storm in a small town in Iceland. The man she met on the place gives her shelter as she realizes she’s been sent on a ruse. No money, no place to go, not comprehending much of the language, she is taken in by charm and promises that turn confusing. A cop on leave for a year, working with a security firm at night, begins to hear tales of this dark-haired woman who only a few people saw. He begins to investigate. A tale of suspense, greed and a sprinkle of inhumanity. I enjoyed the read.

Cold As Hell by Lilja Sigurdardottir. Aurora comes back to Iceland a while after her sister Isafold, has disappeared. She enlists the help of a police officer, Daniel, and they begin the search of the last days Isafold had been seen. Tense and engrossing.

Red As Blood by Lilja Sigurdardottir, Book 2. A woman goes missing while making dinner and her husband is told not to contact the police. Aurora becomes involved and contacts Daniel once again to begin a search and solve the mystery.

The Portsmouth Murders by Pauline Rowson. DI Andy Horton stumbles across a naked male body on the beach. Six months earlier, Horton was accused of misconduct and had ties with his daughter terminated. This murder and ensuing investigation will change his future and hopefully vindicate him. Enjoyed this.



When we speak of Soul Intentions, we are referring to those plans that were made by you prior to

incarnating. Soul Intentions are created for the purpose of fulfilling your agreements to yourself and to others. These agreements have their basis in your soul history.

Their agenda was formed in the annals of your past; they are not formed arbitrarily, or on the basis of a passing whim. A Soul Intention is not about glibly asking the question, “Hmm…what would I like to do next?” It is not about waking up one morning and lazily considering whether you will have muffins or French toast for breakfast.

Soul Intentions are driven by internal directives to pursue specific goals as well the inherent desires for them. It will be helpful, by the way, to pay attention to information with which you especially resonate, as this will assist you to identify and remember what you agreed to show up for. We will rephrase the question: “What is it I need to do in order to fulfill the requirements of my intentions, and what is my next step to getting there?”

Before we offer our reflections on this, let us first consider the origin of Soul Intentions.

Each time you incarnate you choose a series of tasks which are aligned with what you plan to

accomplish for the life. How do you decide what you will focus on for a particular life? This is the million-dollar question, so to speak, but it is not actually that much of a mystery. Your life plans are based in what you have previously experienced and assimilated – as well as what you did not complete. Those experiences with which you feel complete – that is – those in which you mastered, for example, a certain skill, or where you came to know the painful limitations and joyous capacities of the body, and where you incontrovertibly understood the extent to which your assumptions expanded or contracted your opportunities and choices, etc., will not call to you in the same way they did when you were eager to test your mettle in these areas.

Once you have gained depth knowledge in a curricula and the critical self-knowledge that comes with exploring the unknown, you are ready to move into a different arena.

Copyright © | Gloria Constantin | All Rights Reserved | Gloria Constantin

Ancestor Prayer


Theater-deep behind me,

Open my heart

To the needs of the moment,

That moving forward,

The seeds I have sown,

Will bear fruit

For those who come after me.

Guide my footsteps

As I go forward.

Jyoti Wind


Please note the YouTube interviews I’ve been doing with Lauren Hubele over the past year, Shamanism, Metaphysics and Grace.

This is one of 25 so far.


Creating an Ancestral Altar/Shrine

Designate a space that will be able to remain in tact for the duration of the class.

At this site, place some family relics, memorabilia, some sacred objects, some photos of the Old Ones in your family line. Place a small cup of water, a candle to light during our sessions. Perhaps a flower or some dried herbs or rose petals.

Each day during the 4 weeks we will be working with the Ancestors, offer some incense, light the candle. Offer a prayer. Talk to the Ancestors while sitting there.

Make it your own. (From Walking with the Ancestors Workshop, January 2023, see back page.)

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Jyoti

Jan 8 Free


Astrology Class 2, Nodes, Chiron, etc.

Jan 9, 16, 23, 30

Monday evenings, 5PM/MST

4 classes, $100.

Walking with the Ancestors

Shamanic journey skills needed

Saturday mornings, 10AM/MST

Jan 21, 28, Feb 4, 11.

4 classes, $100.

Downloading the Dragon Codes

Jan.19, 26, Feb 2, Feb.9

Thurs. evenings, 5PM/MST

4 classes, $100.

1st Sunday Astrology Study Group

Feb 5, Free


RSVP for Zoom link

2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group

Feb 12, 10AM/MST Free

Rsvp for Zoom link

Jyoti Wind




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