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Summer 2022 Starshine News

Starshine News

Vol.26, #3

Summer 2022

Dear Friends,

I think a lot of us are learning to take in the love that others have for us. Instead of brushing it off or ignoring it. This is so important on a soul level.

We’re used to just carrying on with the tasks we’ve assigned ourselves or those we feel are a part of our path. We forget to stop and smell the flowers. We forget to take in the beauty that life gives us as food to carry on. We get distracted by headlines and fear mongers.

Some of that beauty comes from Nature and some of it comes from others’ hearts.

It behooves us to stop and let that love from others feed us, fuel us, so our tasks become light/Light and we feel met by the Universe through each other.

Be well, Jyoti

P.S. Remember…we have just come out of the first pass of the U.S. Pluto Return aspect (Mar 11-June 22). We are looking at what works for this country and what no longer serves. We are a nation undergoing change and potential transformation. It is time to root out the rotting underpinnings of culture. This aspect comes again in Jan-Feb’23. We’ve presently been given a view of what needs transforming. A lot of this, now, is up to us.

Spring Meditation

Take a few breaths and relax. Let go of the world and your own thoughts about it. Curl your tongue back just a little and breathe in Prana, the life-giving force of life. Slowly breathe out. Breathe in again, keeping that tongue curled against the roof of your mouth, and think about the Prana filling your whole body, enlivening, regenerating cells and feeding them. After several breaths, get up and have a good day!

Astrological Services

Consultations are $120.

They include:

Natal, and Transit Reading.

Relationship Charts.

Astrocartography Maps.

Shamanic Journeys.

Spiritual Consulting.

Children’s Charts:

$60 under 14 yrs.

Sliding scale available

Summer 2022 Astrology Column

July begins with Mars Square Pluto on the 1st at 8:14PM/MDT. It brings a volatility and can end a procrastination cycle rather abruptly. Keep the day clear of any unwanted confrontations. On the 2nd, we can learn a lot and see through illusions. Trust is evident on the 12th and the Full Moon on the 13th at 12:38PM/MDT brings us emotional healing opportunities. Let it out. Let it go. You are breathing out old concepts and ways of the past. Poetry and music favor the 17th and direct insights possible on the 18th. The 19th can bring confrontation, insights on the 26th, and a New Moon falls the 28th at 11:55AM/MDT. This is a new cycle of expansion. Step out. Explore the edges. Speak your truth. Challenge yourself on the 30th and relax and enjoy the 31st.

August begins with a push for new standards and ways of doing things. Watch where you put your feet. On the 7th, a prod to look at self-limitations and beliefs. Some confrontative energy on the 8th. The Full Moon on the 11th at 7:36PM/MDT pushes us to take our own authority. Own your own power. Try to flow with the unexpected energies today and for the next few days. Trust your intuition on the 16th and be aware of not being extravagant on the 18th. Mercury enters its shadow on the 20th for its next Retrograde cycle. It’s job over the next 7 weeks is to show us right relationship and how we show up for it. Expect the unexpected from the 21st-30th, especially on the 24th. Freedom needs arise on the 26th. On the 27th we have a New Moon at 2:17AM/MDT and brings up trust issues and challenges. Be open.

September begins with Mercury turning Retrograde (Rx) on the 9th at 9:38PM/MDT. Again we are looking at how we keep a balance, share our communications and our power in relationships, and use our discernment. The Full Moon on the 10th at 3:59AM/MDT says boundaries are a saving grace. Keeps you from jumping here and there. Allow time for your own needs and not just everyone else’s. Empowering day on the 18th. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd at 7:04PM/MDT brings empowerment and an energy flow. The New Moon on the 25th at 3:55PM/MDT asks you to choose wisely. To weigh choices and decisions and give yourself 24 hours before you jump into something. It also gives staying power. And we end this quarter of 2022 with aspects that ask us to look deeply, see what you need to see, and that you have the energy to make it happen. Happy Fall!

Full Moon July 13 12:38PM/MDT

New Moon July 28 11:55AM/MDT

Full Moon August 11 07:36PM/MDT

Mercury enters its shadow Aug 20

New Moon August 27 2:17AM.MDT

Mercury turns Rs Sept.9 09:38PM/MDT

Full Moon Sept.10 3:59AM/MDT

Fall Equinox Sept.22 7:04PM/MDT

New Moon Sept.25 3:55PM/MDT

Mercury’s next cycle:

Enters shadow Aug 20

Turns Retrograde Sept. 9

Goes Direct Oct. 2

Catches up Oct. 17

Summer 2022 Book Reviews

The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois by Honoree Fanone Jeffers. This 2021 National Book Award winner tells the history of what is now known as Georgia. This ambitious book tells the complex legacy and ancestry of Ailey Pearl Garfield, a contemporary and fascinating Black American woman. Education is the treasured thread that runs through the lives of the characters, each of whom you want to invite to dinner. This book explicates the experience of being black in America. Beautifully written and constructed, a quote from du Bois precedes each chapter. It’s a novel not to be missed! Reviewed by April Stone

Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. Imagine being a woman scientist in the 1950s and 60s like Elizabeth Zott, the best female character in literature since Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet. Zott is a ground breaker in her field but is banished from the lab to her home kitchen by the white male establishment, She then converts that kitchen into a laboratory, single parents a quirky, brilliant daughter, and hosts a subversive television show called “Supper at Six” with her equally clever dog, Six-Thirty. This is both a love story and one of feminist revolution. The science is accurate, the writing is brilliant, clever, and often humorous. Zott can come to dinner at my house any time she wants! Reviewed by April Stone

The day was closing. Rosy shutters of light dropped down to land turning to dusk. Lilac blooms infused the air. Birdsong rang across the pond. It was time. Time for the big reunion. They ambled, galloped, stomped, crept, crawled, swooped and swam to the shoreline. Creatures of the earth past and present, here to discuss, perhaps solve their Catch 22; What to do about the wayward destructive species that threatened the world. To confront it would bring disaster. To ignore it for even another century would be a disaster. What to do about Man? By Deedee Carr

Crime on the Fens by Joy Ellis. We meet DI Nikki Galena, a driven police inspector in contemporary England. Suffering losses and unaware of her own needs, she pushes herself. She’s given a warning by her superior to make it work with her new sergeant or she’s out. With great effort, they track down a threatening situation.

This is the first book in a series. I have really liked the character development and assisting platers in these mysteries.

You Belong: A Call for Connection by Sebene Selassie August 2020. An inspiring read for chaotic times, highlighting that much of our suffering comes from feeling we don't ourselves, to each other, to our lives, even to this world. Sebene offers solutions of how to overcome this and helps the reader to understand the history of separation and how we might heal. “Although we are not one, we are not separate. And although we are not separate, we are not the same.” Sebene’s voice is honest, humble and filled with compassion and humor. Reviewed by Karen Stewart

The Worlds are various, yet without contradiction.

To straddle the boundaries between,

Make them permeable with drumming, song or dance.

Let the shoestring of intention tether soul to body,

Allowing long travel & return.

Approach the Tree of Life, roots, trunk, and branch.

Hollow yourself to your Human essence, keeping your Companion near.

When the smoke of your offerings forms the Lizard of Transformation

Let it swallow you

And lead you to subtle knowledge you see beyond the human senses,

Knowledge found in the matrix of Ancestors & Nature

That can lead you to right relationship.

Give thanks, then, and return,

Awakened by the potent tea of journeying

To live anew on Earth.

Terra Rafael

The Women of Chateau Lafayette (2022) by Stephanie Dray is a detailed, compelling, historical saga of 3 women each one in 3 different, tumultuous eras, unforgettably living and surviving in the castle Marquis and Adrienne Lafayette called home. It’s a step deep into French history that is tied to American history. Reviewed by Arlene S. Bice, author of Running with the Horses, A Memoir of Travel, Racetracks, & Food.

The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild (2012) by Lawrence

Anthony & Graham Spence is a memoir of Anthony’s adventures after accepting a rogue herd of elephants to his animal reserve to save them from being killed. It’s funny, sometimes tense, tender, and definitely a memorable read. Reviewed by Arlene S. Bice, author of Running with the Horses, A Memoir of Travel, Racetracks, & Food.

My Interviews with Lauren Hubele. Shamanism, Metaphysics and Grace

Episode 1 Shamanism and Inner Resources

Episode 2 Mercury Retrograde and Your Inner Child

Episode 3 Metaphysics and Consciousness

Episode 4 How We Heal with Shamanic Practice

Episode 5 Ritual and Prayer

Episode 6 Grace

The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan. Hannah has her own agenda as she interviews with Project Innocence. Her street savvy ways and her intelligence lands her where she wants to be. But twists and turns surprise her and keep the reader engaged. Enjoyed this and the author’s previous works.

New book in the Sebastian St. Cyr novels by C.S. Harris. When Blood Lies. 18th Century France, Napoleon is isolated on Elba and Sebastian discovers the secrets of his bloodline. I love the author’s knowledge, descriptions, and mystery-making. So glad for another in the series.

Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do it, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kind of rhythm in your journey. John O’Donohue, Anam Cara


Our resilience is our greatest gift,

That ability to bounce back

After life challenges us

So intensely,

That we falter,

That we dance with self-doubt

So long,

We lose touch with our mojo.

We chose to come here,

I believe,

With a plan of learning

And teaching.

We bring gifts and ways of seeing

That others need

That compliment the big picture.

We must return to our hearts,

Let love of life itself,

Of what we know to be true

Get us up off the floor

Of our own misgivings,

And carry on with our tasks.

Jyoti Wind

It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to. African Proverb.

Gathering Courage in a Time of Change Workshop

July 6, Wed. 4 weeks

6PM/MDT $100.

2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Jyoti

July 10 Free


RSVP for Zoom link

Lugnasa/Lammas Celebration

July 31, 6PM/MDT


Dreams of the Ancient Mothers Workshop

Wed. evenings 6PM/MST August 10

4 weeks $100.

2nd Sunday Shamanic Study Group with Jyoti

August 14 Free


RSVP for Zoom link

Jyoti Wind




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