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The Dreams of the Ancient Mothers Workshop and Schedule

They came from the stars long ago, before any human race was here. They came to help Earth prepare for Her next stage of evolution, creating bodies for the spirits who would hear the call and make the journey through the galaxies, emerging through the Sirius Portal to arrive on Earth.

Journey with us to the ancient caves and meet these Ancient Mothers. We carry their dreams from long ago. Experience your own pre-history and the initiations that are offered to us at this time.

Ancient Mothers of the eternal caves.

We ask for the blessing of your stories,

for your hand atop my head,

for your blessings into my bones.

4 Sessions via Zoom $100.

Sunday, Mar. 7 at 10AM,

Thurs. Mar. 11 at 6PM

Sunday, Mar. 21 at 10AM

Thurs. Mar. 25 at 6PM.

Session 1. Intro Journey and Dismemberment

Journey: Return to the Source/to the Ancient Mothers

Session 2. Journey of the Earth

Extraction and Rebirth

Session 3. The Agreement

The Pool of Remembrance

Session 4. The Hall of Mirrors

The Blessing

Each session will feature 2 journeys. We will travel by spiral to the cave of the Ancient Mothers.

There we will have an intention for a specific experience: a surrendering of something deep inside; attitudes removed and old beliefs extracted; uncoiling curses and beliefs from the family line; initiation into becoming a Star Mother.

Although each person will have their own experience, there will be some direction/intention given. The Directions will be called in. Prayers to the Ancient Mothers will be offered. And sharing time at the end of our journeys will be given so that we all benefit from each other’s experiences.

Jyoti Wind is a gatekeeper, holding space for shamanic work. She has facilitated transformational work for over 50 years. She is an Astrologer by day, Shamanic Practitioner and Ceremonialist the rest of the time. Contact her: 303.483-8602

Please see my free YouTube page: Flight of the Spirit talk, And the Video to find your power animal if you have not journeyed before.


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