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Winter Solstice Celebration and Journey

Winter Solstice Celebration and the Deer Mother

The Return of the Light

Monday Dec. 20 6PM/MST

via Zoom


We will celebrate the Turning of the Wheel into Winter and the Returning of the Light

We will explore a guided journey to the Deer Mother and Her female reindeer to return the Sun to Her rightful place in the heavens, thus ensuring that Spring will come and that we can find our rightful place as well.

Join me with rattles and drums, a small bowl of water, sacred objects on your altar, and one candle lit to start us, and a few other candles to light near the end.

I’m sending this out early as Holiday plans will get made. Please RSVP if you can join us.

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer and Writer by day, and loves learning about and practicing shamanism. Contact info: 303.483-8602

If you’d like to join us and have no journey experience, please contact me and I will lead you through a preliminary session. I also have a free Shamanic class on youtube: Flight of the Spirit.


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