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Writing Group

Online via Zoom. Let me know if you are interested.

We gather to receive each other's words and support the writer in each of us. These are not critique groups.


During our meeting, I read something on writing to the group. We share something we've brought with us that we have written, and then we write together from a prompt, for 10 minutes. We go around and read our pieces. Usually we can fit 1 or 2 of these 10 minute writes into our group meeting.

We meet weekly, and share our stories with each other. Sometimes we do field trips to botanic gardens, cafes, parks. It is good to be able to write anywhere.



“Before you cut any hunk out of a piece of writing, be very clear about your motive for cutting. Are you cutting it because it embarrasses you?—doesn’t have pretty words in it?—doesn’t make any sense? Those kinds of emotional cues are reasons not to cut. If a section causes you a high negative emotional response, chances are there are some important nuggets buried under that pile. Do not cut that passage. On the contrary, dig into it, perhaps do another freewrite just on that particular passage, and keep asking what it’s trying to do. If you listen to what it replies, chances are you will end up expanding that very passage.”        Writing from the Inner Self by Elaine Farris Hughes.

"Success as a writer for me means that I am writing. It doesn’t mean I have won contests, been included in another’s anthology, and had my work compared to others.


Success as a writer means I am able to put pen to paper and the pen moves.

There is a creative arc between my brain and the tip of the pen (or keyboard). Over that creative arc stretches a millennium of words and a span of ideas that gods know. Into this arc of energy, the muse dances and dares me to follow her."       (Jyoti Wind, The Creative Arc: An Anthology on Writing)



Jyoti's writing groups are intimate, powerful and inspiring.  She brings forth the muse and holds a sacred space to birth the creative chords struck in  each of us.        Megan Braet


I am amazed and challenged by the level of writing that is brought to class every week by my fellow writers. I find the “10 minute” writing exercises to be stimulating and exciting.  Good job, Jyoti, and thank you for this format.          Annette Price


"I have gained enormous respect for the collective experience these women bring to the group. Our lives, though different, are each filled with the growth and change necessary to survive through decades of rapid social and technological advances that challenged and indeed broke down "the old ways".        Deedee Carr









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