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A Women's Writing Seminar

The text below is outdated and will be fixed soon. If you have a desire to write with me, let me know and a Zoom writing class can be developed. 5.30.20


Please join me for a 2 day Writing Seminar in beautiful Boulder, CO

Summer 2019



Using  Guided Meditation, Labyrinth walk,  and writing prompts, we will have an opportunity to enhance our writing agility and open ourselves to other ways of perceiving life.



Saturday and Sunday 9-4


Each day there will be a 2 hour break for lunch.



Consider coming ahead of time or staying afterwards to enjoy what Boulder and the surrounding mountainous region has to offer.      

For hotel and dining info:



Payment through Paypal or check to:

2635 Mapleton Ave. #9

Boulder, CO 80304


Location given upon registration and payment





Jyoti Wind has been a writer of poetry and prose since childhood. She has been a member of The Poetry Society of Colorado and the International Women’s Writing Guild . Jyoti has self-published 8 books, including 4 anthologies. Her work has been published in Elephant Journal, Crone Magazine and various blogs and newsletters.


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