Jyoti Wind has over 44 years of astrological study and counseling, as well as metaphysical and meditation practice. Her shamanic work grew out of her interest in multidimensional reality and the evolution of the soul. She has studied color and music therapy, Hakomi Mindfulness Psychotherapy, taught Flower and Gem Essences at the Rocky Mountain School for Botanical Studies, and has facilitated workshops and classes for years.


In the late ‘80’s, she was given a write-up in Mary Summer Rain’s books as an Astrologer of choice, and still works with Mary’s people to this day. Besides seeing in-person clients, she also records and mails/emails chart readings to people all over the world.


She is also a poet and author. Her poetry has recently been published at elephant journal online and she has self-published several books of poetry and prose, a childhood memoir, and four anthologies. Jyoti also leads women’s writing groups, and is open to sharing how that works best through weekend and online workshops for women wanting to start a writing group in their area.


Presently she is pursuing studies in Classical Homeopathy and is utilizing new and innovative techniques of integrating this knowledge into customized consultations with each client.


Jyoti is a minister with the New Mexico School of Theology and Universal Life Church. She is available for weddings, spiritual counseling, christenings and blessings.


Jyoti Wind is  a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who resides in Boulder, Colorado.


Boulder, CO 35 263





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