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Shamanic Classes and Workshops

Experiential workshops are offered here to learn the nature of Shamanism. We journey together to the beat of a drum, gathering our guiding and protective spirits to us. If we don't know who they are,  we will learn that and how they help us.










Flight of the Spirit

Introduction to Shamanism


Learn how to utilize different states of consciousness to gather information, power and courage. Using traditional techniques, we will learn about non-ordinary reality, spirit guides and animal spirits. We will journey to the land of the spirits.


No experience necessary.                          $65.

Free recorded class on youtube now.

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Sacred Journeys

Soul Retrievals


When we experience deep emotional and physical situations in life, sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves. It is important that we receive those pieces back to fill ourselves and become more whole. Learn how to work with others and retrieve their missing pieces.

Basic journey techniques helpful. 

I will be offering this class in August '21 online  4 classes.








In this workshop, we will work together to extract energies that do not belong to us.  Working with our guides, and allowing them to lead us, we will work to remove foreign energies from other people as well.



Basic journey techniques helpful.           $65.                                                                                                                                 

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Journey to the Ancestors


In this workshop we will explore the land of our Ancestors, ask them for their wisdom, and to aid us in our own

healing work.





Basic journey techniques helpful                 $65.

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Yggdrasil: The World Tree Journey


The Ancient World Tree, Yggdrasil, was the place to go to journey into the three worlds and  have your questions answered. In this workshop we will take our questions

to the World Tree, choosing the Lower World, the Middle World or the Upper World.



Basic journey techniques helpful           $65.

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Embracing the Beloved

The Divine Marraige Ritual Workshop


At this time in our  evolution, it is vital to begin to integrate our parts… and to do this, we must access them,  call them to us, bless them, and bring them into our love…into our greater being.


Each of us  has an inner and opposite gender;  our anima /animus that lives in tandem with us, and displays its gifts through us, and through  the people we draw to be in relationship with.


This ritual is the container to begin to evoke these energies, with the intentions of merging this male/female within and bringing ourselves to a deeper level of integration and wholeness.


No experience necessary                $65.

Now free on youtube pre-recorded.                                                                                        














Owning the Shadow

A Ritual Workshop


Based on the myth of Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess of

Heaven and Earth, we will journey into the depths of our

own unclaimed parts and emerge whole.


We will invoke Inanna’s blessing and protection, celebrating

the merging of the Dark and the Light within us.                                                                               



No experience necessary                    $65.

Now pre-recorded on youtube free.                                                                               


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