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Astrology Classes Available on YouTube: CLICK HERE

Astrology 1, Class 1. Signs


In this class we will look at the 12 Signs, their characteristics, elements, and the part of the body they rule.  

Astrology 1, Class 2. Planets
We look at the Planets, from the Sun through Pluto, and the Signs that they rule, their temperaments, and their purpose.


Astrology 1, Class 3. Houses, Part 1.


In looking at the Houses 1-6, we discover the aspects of daily life that they govern, and what it looks like with Signs and Planets in those Houses. Ascendant and IC included.

Astrology 1, Class 4. Houses, Part 2.


We look at the Houses 7-12, and see the daily life affairs that are covered by these Houses. Signs and Planets included. Descendant and Midheaven included. 

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