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Astrological Services

Professional Astrological Readings can be obtained through a phone consultation or Zoom meeting. The readings are recorded and emailed as an mp3 file.


Gift certificates are available as an email attachment.





Using the moment of birth, we will look at the natal chart and decipher the soul’s path for this lifetime. We will also employ progressions (where the chart has moved to), transits and eclipses for the next 14 months, in relation to your natal chart for a look ahead.


Natal Chart with Progressions
and transits                                                      $200


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At yearly or two-year intervals, an update is recommended to look ahead at the following 14 month period.  





Updates                                                            $200

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Combining two people’s charts, we will look at the relationship between them. Using a synastry chart for the day-to-day life interaction, and a composite chart for the overview, we will see the energies at work.


This type of reading also applies to adult and child relationships, or with two adults/lovers, friends, partners.


Composite/Compatibility                              $200

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Viewing the family as a whole, the family chart can show you what each person brings to the interactions, and what the family is asking of each of you.






Family Charts                                                 $200

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For the first year of a child’s life, I want the child to introduce itself to the parents. After that first year, I will do a reading of the energies that that soul came in with, and how the parents can help the child fulfill their life’s path.



Children's Charts (1 to 14 years)                   $100

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Looking at the months ahead, we can pick a time for planning a wedding. We will use astrological aspects to determine the best date and time to begin it, ensuring that the life of the Marriage has the desired energies within it.





Wedding Charts                                          $250

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A Business is like a birth. In choosing the most auspicious date and time we ensure the success of your endeavors.




Business Charts                                           $250

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ASTROCARTOGRAPHY READINGWhen the natal chart is placed on a map of the world, different geological places hold certain energies. Planetary lines go through countries that can bring certain types of life experiences to the person who visits or moves there. We will look at the natal lines, and also the progressed and transit lines, (cyclocartography) for the following 2 years. These lines can show where you might find a sense of community, business success, spiritual experiences, challenge, and transformation. The maps can be obtained at and their fee  is on their web site. They can then be mailed to me. This fee is for the reading of the maps.
To order maps go to:    You want to order an astrocartography map and a cyclocartography map.


Astrocartography/Cyclocartography  Reading       $200

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