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"What I enjoy about working with Jyoti is her ability to read a chart with objectivity. This allows the truths to be told in a non-biased way and give me a greater understanding of myself. Understanding that astrology is a guide or point of reference, I can use this information to make plans or see circumstances within the frame work of a larger view.I look forward to having my chart read each year as it provides me with an insight of what may come my way." - BS, CO


​​"For about ten years I have trusted and consulted Jyoti for astrological readings and Shamanic healing.The information she shares is done consistently with integrity, sharp insight,clarity, objectivity, kindness and love. Her  multifaceted knowledge and talents have been a wonderful support in my search for self awareness and inner growth. Thank you Jyoti !" - JSc, WI


"Doing this yearly allows me to see even bigger patterns emerge. I have been able to watch myself grow and see how planetary influences have been guiding my souls growth and why certain situations in my life really couldn't help happening...they were good for me!!!!"  "I like the objectivity too, and seeing myself as part of the cosmic whole." - MR, CO


Jyoti has been my astrologer of choice for over 30 years.  Her knowledge of the stars & their subtleties are nothing short of exceptional.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Astrological guidance is a cornerstone of Jyoti's life, and it shows in her readings.  My  teenage son (now 17) has been listening to the recordings of her readings for him as well for some time now, & he has grown immensely as a result.  Thank you Jyoti for being there!!! MH, CO


Jyoti has been my astrologer for about 20 years. She is a genuine wise woman. I know a lot about astrology myself and have consulted with numbers of other astrologers as well. Jyoti has a unique way of expressing the guidance of the planets that not only informs but seems to touch the heart and catalyze transformation as well. DLM, CO


Jyoti Wind is an astrologer with knowledge and wisdom.  Her readings come not only from her skill and expertise, but from her heart and soul as well. EMQ, CO


I have had many readings with Jyoti through the years and I can attest to her ability as a very knowledgeable astrologer. She is quite comprehensive and detailed and she is able to bring all the pieces of a chart into an understanding of the whole picture. Her readings bear listening to over and over again. PR, CO


Jyoti has been preparing and interpreting my astrological charts for many years. I have found her readings to be not only accurate, but also very insightful.  They have always provided good "food for thought" and helped me to better understand why I am experiencing certain situations.  Jyoti offers encouraging and positive ways to help deal with some of life's situations and very specifically lets me know what is in store for me in the coming year. This helps me to prepare and become better able to handle what life throws my way. I would highly recommend Jyoti if you are looking for a very experienced and insightful astrologer. SJ, NJ


Jyoti has been my astrologer for years. She has done numerous readings for me (birth chart, yearly transits and composite readings). She has also been a great sounding board for me during difficult times. Her knowledge base is exemplified in her effortless ability to explain in detail what is showing up in the chart. She has great insight and her open and honest approach will make anyone feel comfortable. Thank you Jyoti for all your wonderful work, it's been a pleasure! DS, NY


I am not too knowledgeable about astrological events which is why I really enjoyed having my astrological chart done for me.  I found Jyoti's reading to be informative, intuitive, knowledgeable, and spot on in so many ways in regard to my personal characteristics.  Not only was it fun, it gives me pause to consider the heavens when contemplating decisions and life changes.  One more tool I now have in my tool box!  LM, MD


Jyoti has been providing readings for my family and friends for nearly twenty years. Her insight, accuracy and guidance have become invaluable tools for our daily living. I would highly recommend a natal chart as a beginning and annual progressions thereafter. Jyoti is a caring, sincere Shaman and I feel blessed to have her at my astro-helm! DI, CO


Jyoti has been doing progressions on my chart for several years. I look forward each Fall for her insightful overlook of my life. Her knowledge tunes into astrological aspects that help me see things clearly, enabling me to navigate my life in a harmonious fashion. It's very grounding to have an overview, feedback, and confirmation in the path I tread. HH, CO


Having lived in many places over the years, I've worked with dozens of astrologers... but none with the wisdom, the heart, and the vision that Jyoti has.  An experienced shaman herself, Jyoti sees all as opportunity for transformation and shows us how the heavens reflect our personal journey. With this as a framework, her readings are enlightening and uplifting, including both light and shadow... helping to make sense of the chaos we might otherwise perceive as antagonistic during this time of great upheaval.  From reading to reading, patterns emerge, lessons get integrated, and the benign nature of source energy becomes apparent.  Ahhh, how good it is to know oneself!  And to know the great mirror allowing us to see that self.  Without a doubt I've found my lifetime astrologer, and her name is Jyoti... a strong, empathic spirit who is a great gift not only to me, but to this world.  Shunguan!    EI, IL


"I have been going to see Jyoti Wind for yearly astrological readings as well as for relationship charts for over 18 years now. Not only do I find her to be extraordinarily talented and skilled in the art of Astrology, she is also compassionate, funny and a great communicator. She makes me feel safe, seen and cared for when I get my readings done. These readings have consistently and effectively helped me navigate my work, life and relationships. I have confidently sent family members and friends to see Jyoti and the feedback they have given me about their experience with her has always mimicked my own. Those who see her always agree, Jyoti is simply the best!"  RL, CO


Jyoti has been doing my wife's and my chart for close to twenty years. Her readings are soulful.  I highly recommend you listen to them. As she starts through her reading,  Jyoti truly connects to your essence. The chart then becomes her guide post that she deftly navigates with all her higher spirituality and years of knowledge. She has become a trusted and beloved seer for my wife and myself. 

We have recommended many friends and relatives and I believe all are still clients of Jyoti today. I could go on with pages about how much she has touched our lives... but it is now time for you to let this humble pure spirit write a chapter in your life. It is a blessing.  LI, CO


Jyoti Wind is a pretty special astrologer and teacher. Her readings are very practical, yet they also guide you gently into a new level of self-validation and perspective. Since she records them in MP3 format, you can go back and listen over and over for key dates, trends and "seasons." I have never come away from a reading anything other than hopeful and wiser. I felt so fulfilled by these sessions that I chose to begin study with Jyoti. I hope to continue more in the future as time allows. 

My advice is to call Jyoti and be prepared to come away with inner wisdom and gratitude for this unique and amazingly accurate discipline which Jyoti has mastered over her many years of study, readings, and an innate ability to interpret what is becoming a lost art and science. I am grateful for these readings since they put me in touch with past, present and upcoming life cycles while preparing me with tools and much hope for my future. MP, ME


Jyoti’s reading have been an inspiration to me, giving me guidance for the year and helping me to be prepared when life gets a little rocky. Jyoti explains the aspects that are happening and what they mean; how they may affect my life. CN, CO


"Jyoti has become an integral part of my family's annual birthday gifts, a ritual that we miss when time gets away from us. Even though we are all different ages, each of us enjoy her readings for what they offer in support and encouragement for all ages. They are accurate, insightful, and jammed packed with information that is both date specific and spiritually expansive. I love having Jyoti in our life!" NSF, CO


Each year on my birthday, for at least the last 8 years, I receive a reading from Jyoti to see what may be in store for the coming year. What I love about her readings is she offers practical explanations and advice of how to manage both the challenges, as well as how to optimize opportunities that are before for me. Since understanding the planetary energies can be overwhelming, I find this tremendously helpful! Her background in Hakomi training and Metaphysics also enhance her ability to interpret her findings and offer readings that feel precise.  I have referred many people to Jyoti, locally as well as friends back east. Everyone has found her readings wonderful, and have come back for more! CC, CO


Jyoti has been my astrologer for many years and I have referred many folks to her.  The Composite/Relationship chart that she did for me many years ago was pivotal in my relationship with my son.  Her reading helped me understand more about why my son and I came together in this lifetime, relieving some of the pressure I was feeling at the time, and guiding me through all these years that followed. It was so incredibly helpful. Thank you Jyoti, AP, CO


For over two decades Jyoti has gifted me with Insightful, true and spot on astrology readings… the passion she has for astrology, combined with the thoughtful and compassionate way she shares the information, has given me through out the years, a yearly map to make positive choices. The solar return readings are like a blueprint of your life all perfectly aligned with the stars! DK, CT


Jyoti Wind’s spiritual insight infuses her astrological communications with the wisdom of one who has befriended the planets, signs, and transits; she expertly clarifies one’s life challenges with precision, breadth, and care. HP, CO.







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