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Writes of Passage

Jyoti has been writing since childhood, having discovered poetry during her teenage years.

She has self-published 7 books: 2 books of poetry and prose; a childhood memoir; and 4 anthologies, in which over 30 people have contributed.

Jyoti leads a weekly women's writing groups and loves receiving others' words. She offers workshops to inform others in a few vital principles in how to use a good working format for facilitating writing groups in their area.



Let the Sun Shine On Your Face


Let the sun shine on your face.

You who lead the quiet lives.

You who may not win

a Nobel Peace Prize

yet you negotiate troubled waters

in your families and neighborhoods.


You who may not be awarded

a great medal of honor

yet you honor all those

who cross your path

and are held in the hearts of many

for your caring of humankind.


Let the sun shine on your face

and gladden your heart

for you are the true givers

and work for the basic evolution

of everyone.


Let the sun shine on your face.

Jyoti Wind





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