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Astro Update 10 6 17

The Harvest Full Moon yesterday at 12:40 PM/MDT, with Venus and Mars exact together, brings inspiration and creativity. Get out the art supplies today or this weekend and for the next 2 weeks, or whatever you do to express yourself.

On the 8th, Venus is square Saturn, and the Sun and Mercury are the same degree…Experiences of trust may arise with personal insights into these situations.

On the 9th, Power struggles. Looking at polarities of right and wrong. How do we maintain balance and equality.

On the 10th, Jupiter enters Scorpio for the next year, expanding all types of Scorpio endeavors: rebuilding, transformative events, diving deep…and Scorpio people may feel like things are finally opening up for them.

“Until the lions tell their own story, the hunters will.”

African Proverb

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