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Astro Update 8 6 17

Astro Update 8/6/17

Tomorrow, Aug.7 at 12:11PM/MDT. This is a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that is partial and visible in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and eastern South America.

We are stepping into a particularly rich time. Mercury is in its shadow, due to turn Retrograde (Rx) on Aug.12 at 7:01PM/MDT in Virgo, the sign of discernment…how we pick and choose what is right for us. This same night, there are meteor showers reaching their peak.

The Aug.7th Eclipse brings perseverance, emotionally expressive opportunities, and a timeframe to penetrate through the illusion of things.

The energy builds on itself until we are at the scene of The Great American Eclipse, as it’s being called, as it passes in totality over the U.S. land. It has a global reach as well. If you are in a place where viewing it is in its totality, you are more deeply affected by it.

In the American vernacular, Blue Moons occur if there are 2 of the same Moon event (Full or New) in a calendar year. I think that when there are 2 New Moons in the same sign (one on July 23 at almost 1 degree of Leo, and then this one on Aug. 21 at 11:47AM.MDT at 28deg.58 min. of Leo), then we have a Leo Blue Moon at the Eclipse time.

The expression, ‘It only happens once in a Blue Moon’ is applicable to me here, and may bring singular events, not predicted now expected. Eclipses usually take 3-6 months for their messages to be heard and realized.

In this Eclipse, there is innovation, flow, and dynamic energy available. Inspiration flowing from the Grand Trine in Fire in the chart. A willingness to expand the idea of freedom, as a people, as a country, as a world.

If the time given as Pres. Trump’s birth time is accurate and he has 28deg. of Leo rising, his life will change in the following 3-6 months. A move and major lifestyle change is possible.

Those born between 1954-1957 will have this Eclipse degree exactly on their natal Pluto. This will be about where they are giving their power away, initially. And eventually, how they are claiming it and using it in the name of evolution and owning their own power.

In the Grand Trine in Fire in the chart of the Eclipse, Uranus has just turned Rx (trine Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mars). It goes Direct around Jan.2. It may be that the events triggered now in Aug., may not bear fruit until then. There is much in the way that needs to be re-evaluated, mulled over, swept aside and brought in as the next set of values to be lived are seen.

This Great American Eclipse is a Great Beginning!

Below is a url to watch a simulation of what the Eclipse will look like:

”The drum of the realization of the promise is beating, we are sweeping the road to the sky. Your joy is here today.”


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