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The past two weeks in Ireland are percolating, gestating, moving into places that welcome their energy. There's an integration that is taking place just beneath the surface, from the first circle where we all held hands in the Grange Circle, rain pouring on us, the stones (massive boulders) vibrating and singing around us, to the last Well with its clear pure water bathing us in simplicity and healing.

The subtle energies of the feminine awaken again. The Wells, the rain, the sisterhood of eleven other women gradually created a web, weaving our stories one into another, and invited us to deepen, to listen.

And listen we do. To the stories of the ancient ones and how these stones and holi Wells were dedicated. We stand on the bones of our ancestors, women who wove, tended sacred fires, fed each other, created communities of respect, especially for the elders of their tribes.

We ate meals together, slept in one place, traveled each day, became a small tribe of our own, a sisterhood of souls seeking the old ones, blessing ourselves and each other, awakening the Divine Feminine within each of us.

We placed into each others' keeping, our stories, sharing the way we had traveled to arrive there. We acknowledged what it had taken. We transformed our lessons into insights.

A small boat carried us across a lake to the Island of Healers at Innisfallen. We drank from Brighid's Wells in Killarney and Kildare. We walked slowly and consciously up the green hill to the cave of the Hag, the old one. As Spider Women, she wove the net of life. As the Hand-Maiden of Death, she prepared and welcomed all as they crossed over. The elders in our group sat in the Hag seat and spoke her wise counsel.

We sang the simple songs of standing hand in hand, being hand-maidens ourselves, and tying our ribbons of prayer to the trees at the holi sites.

We ended our journey having woven our own DNA, our own hearts, into the land, into the hearts of each other, and embraced what was there to awaken in each of us.

From 2016

If this touches you, reach out and join us May, 2019.

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