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Astro Update 9 1 20

Astro Update 9 1 20

The Full Moon tonight at 11:22 PM/MDT says be clear in your communications. Leave nothing to interpretation. Employ your intelligence and speak from the heart, so misunderstandings cannot flourish.

Relationships, one-to-one business and personal interactions, are challenging. What is the divide and how do you bridge the gap. Share your vision of where you would like to see the interaction go.

Be open to the sudden thought or realization. Trust in its power.

Wednesday Sept. 2 is a day of freedom. Fulfill what you can.

Thursday Sept. 3 says share your knowledge. Trust what you know.

Friday Sept. 4 is a catalyst to look at what dream you are living and is it your own.

“When we practice loving kindness and compassion we are the first ones to profit.”


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