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Astro Update 9 8 20

Tomorrow, Sept.9 at 4:22PM/MDT, Mars will turn Retrograde (Rx) until Friday, Nov.13. As much as Mars Rx turns us inward to look at our direction in life, our dream and are we living it or not, it also has us looking at our inner frustrations, aggressions, shadow materials that we let other people carry for us. Ultimately, it wants us to take a deeper level of personal responsibility.

Now is the digging-in time, the time to excavate, to be the inner spiritual archeologist that is finding the old tombs of beliefs systems, to brush away the sands of procrastination, and begin the real work of authenticity.

Who are we becoming and how can we consciously aid in that process.

“Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must first of all destroy the old one.”


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