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Astro Update 7 26 22

Astro Update 7 26 22

The New Moon on July 28, Thursday, at 11:55AM/MDT brings a new cycle of expansion. Some things may feel easier. Look to the larger picture. Speak the truth and walk away. No reason to linger into argument.

Sunday, July 31, Mercury is opposing Saturn (12:05AM/MDT) and the Sun is trine Jupiter (4:36PM/MDT). A day of learning and pushing past old limitations of thought, and later that day, feeling the ease and abundance of venturing forth into new territory.

On Monday, Aug.1, Mars is conjunct Uranus at 5:53PM/MDT. Be mindful. Be aware of your surroundings and your actions. Expect the unexpected.

“Sometimes I say to a poem, "I don't have the strength To wring out another drop Of the sun." And the poem will often Respond By climbing onto a barroom table: Then lifts its skirt, winks, Causing the whole sky to Fall.”



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