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Astro Update and Workshop Schedule

Astro Update 1 30 21

Today, Mercury turns Retrograde (Rx) at 8:52 AM/MST and takes us into a more internal perusing. We are drawn inward to some extent to assess where we are in our own awareness, our need for freedom of self-expression, a more abstract view of what’s happening, internally and externally, and hearing a call to change our perspectives.

“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk”


Imbolc/Brigid Ceremony. Free. Monday, Feb.1, 6PM/MST

Reclaim Your Voice: Women’s Writing Group, 4 Thurs, 10-1130, Feb 4. $40.

Shamanic Study Group. Free. 2nd Sunday of the Month. 11:30-1PM, Feb. 14, This month’s theme: Accessing the Heart

In March, I will be offering a shamanic course on the Ancient Mothers. Travel back in time to to the Ancient Ones who helped Earth receive us as a life-wave of humanity and are our ancient grandmothers.

On Wed. mornings, beginning Feb.3, Lauren Hubele and Isobel Frankel will offer a 10 week Shamanic Course on Trees.

Terra Rafael will be offering the following… to register and get zoom links

Monthly Shamanic Study Group– 4th Sunday of the month starting Feb 28, 10:30am – Noon Mountain Time. Donations accepted via paypal, . First meeting, learn the Sacred Garden technique. A teaching and journey at each session. Include your level of experience with shamanic journey in your email to register.

Connecting to Your Deep Light and Love– A guided journey to your deep self, your light and love self, your Atman, Guardian Angel, or Oversoul. In this way, you can remember it and reconnect to it regularly for your upliftment. Donations accepted via paypal,

Part One – Getting Acquainted with Your Atman, Oversoul, Or Guardian Angel, Tuesday Feb 16 Part Two – Shamanic Journey and Meditation Practices To Strengthen Your Connection, Thursday Feb 18

Private Shamanic MentoringStarting on your Shamanic path? Want some structured guidance? Meet privately with Terra for teachings and journey. Donations accepted via paypal,


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