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Gathering Courage in a Time of Change

Gathering Courage in a Time of Change

Journey to the Swan Maidens, Freya, the Volvas and The Morrigan to understand where our courage comes from and how to access it. Travel to the Northern Lands of Ireland and Scandinavia.

Step into your own Sovereignty.

Thurs evenings Beginning Jan.6, 2022

6PM/MST 4 weeks $100

Jyoti Wind has many years of experience with Non-ordinary reality, shamanic journeying, and teaching. She is formulating a Psychopomp course to learn how to tend those souls who are stuck between this world and the light. This is a great precursor for that class.

Registration: 303.483-8602 for payment and Zoom link. Shamanic skills necessary. Contact her for learning them.


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