Astro Update 1 7 20

Astro Update 1 7 20 Today, Uranus begins to take center stage before the Lunar Eclipse and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Uranus begins to station today until the 15th of Jan. It’s energies of change, expect the unexpected, become more obvious. Be aware of what is cracking open in you. Welcome what it is time for. On the 10th, hours after the Full Moon Eclipse, Uranus turns Direct, and asks us to bring the changes we would like to see, in our own lives first, and then into the world. Be the change! “Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.” Rumi

Flight of the Spirit: Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop

FLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT Introduction to Shamanism Learn how to utilize different states of consciousness to gather information, power and courage. Using traditional techniques, we will learn about non-ordinary reality, the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds, and spirit helpers We will journey to the land of the spirits. This workshop is both lecture and experiential. We will journey to the World Tree and other places. No experience necessary. Saturday, Feb 15 and Sunday, Feb 16 10AM— 3PM $150. Location: Boulder, Co. Address upon registration Please bring pillow and blanket, yoga mat, warm socks and something to place on the altar to hold your place, along with pen and paper. Drums and rattl

Starshine News Winter 2020

Starshine News Vol.24, #1 Winter 2020 Dear Friends, I feel we are on the brink of newness. This new decade begins with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with Uranus stationing Direct the same day (Jan.10), and 2 days away from the exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction. A historic beginning. We are laying the foundation for a new time. I can feel the excitement already. Saturn and Pluto together on the 12th can be seen as oppressive and yet in 1948 it laid the groundwork for Burma to be independent of the UK, The Kinsey Report on male sexuality emerged, and Mahatma Gandhi stood against Partition by fasting. His own style of revolution. The Marshall Plan was av

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