Astro Update 6 29 20

Astro Update 6 29 20 Tonight at 11:46PM/MDT, Jupiter and Pluto are exactly conjunct (next to) again. They have been the same degree from June 23-July 1. Tonite they are the same degree and minute. We’ve see an upsurge in Covid spread. Jupiter and Pluto are the Pandemic from as Astrological point of view. The earlier conjunction was in the beginning of April when we saw the surges starting. Now at this Retrograde (Rx) conjunction, we see another surge of the virus. As the news reporter said this morning, Texas in now what New York was. On Nov.12, we have the final pass. I have looked at the cyclic nature of the Spanish flu and felt that the final whiplash pass would be similar in its intens

Astro Update 6 24 20

Astro Update 6 24 20 Venus turns Direct tonight at 12:48AM/MDT (actually 6.25.20). Venus has been Retrograde (Rx) since May 13 and brought us to re-evaluate our finances, priorities, and our family needs and commitments. Now after 6 weeks, we have the opportunity to implement these realizations. A sense of movement begins today/tonight. “The message behind the words is the voice of the heart.” Rumi

Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse

Astro Update 6 19 20 The Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse This weekend of June 20/21, is a very powerful 2-day period. It provides the catalyst for events to play out over the next several months to one year. Once in 50 years, do the Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse come so close together: 9 hours apart. The Summer Solstice occurs on Saturday, tomorrow, June 20 at 3:44PM/MDT. As we begin this next quarter of the year, it wants us to bring some things to closure. Let go of old habits and belief systems. In the Mountain time zone, the Solar New Moon Eclipse occurs on June 21 at 12:41 AM/MDT. This Eclipse is a new cycle of nurturing, on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual levels.

Astro Update 6 17 20

Mercury is turning Retrograde (Rx) tonight at 10:59PM/MDT. We begin the 3 week process of self-introspection, self-examination, and seeing what changes to your story you are ready to make. Because Mercury is in Cancer, we may be looking at family. Also, where we live and who lives there with us. We may look at what nurtures us and how do we make time for that to occur. What in our past is it time to stop giving energy to, by dwelling on memories or regrets that keep us from being present. Be as much in the moment as possible. “Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must first of all destroy the old one.” Rumi

There are people...

There are people who try to stave off what life brings them. There are others who surrender to the dance. Some stay thin and chic. Others get round and smiley. The sea, on the other hand, does not care how you enter her. Just that you do. Jyoti Wind

New Myths

As the old myths fade away and the American Dream is in the trash alongside trust and faith and the pursuit of happiness as this country defined it all, I have to ask into myself, what are the new myths. Could it be racial equality, as hands on deck no matter the hue. Could co-operation take the place of competition and the Horatio Algers be laid to rest as community support is the leading thought form. Where would I see myself in all this, as my old patterns leave. With the feeing of the hungry as simple daily maintenance and new ways of partnering with organizations emerge, to truly help and build neighborhoods, and farms that provide all we would need. The old warriors and kings would be

Astro Update 6 01 20

Astro Update 6 1 20 On Tues, June 2, Mercury enters its shadow. This is the precursor to Mercury turning Retrograde (Rx) on June 17 at 10:59PM/MDT. We enter Mercury’s cycle tomorrow as it moves back through Cancer. We’re rethinking some of our feelings, our security base, what it means to have family, to be part of a nuclear family and the larger global race of humanity. What feeds and nourishes us? Where to we go overboard, and where do we deny ourselves. Mercury will go back and forth over the degree of the U.S.’ Sun and our ideas of who we are as a nation will be up for re-assessment. So tomorrow is the beginning of looking at these issues. We will return in a more meditative way once M

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