I Am Ready

I Am Ready I take the drum, this mighty hoop of dreams and power, this cauldron of depth that visits my heart when I sound it. I breathe deeply, knowing I am present like an opal in sunlight, bright, multi-hued, with fire pouring forth. I am ready. I am ready to drum up the next initiation, the next passage point, the next relinquishing. I sound the drum and it sounds me. I am ready.

Small Things

It’s the small things that speak so loudly. A colorful sunset, the reds of roses, the swift gurgle of water, the breeze of peony scent, the touch on the arm, the kindness of another, a gentle glance, an eye twinkling, feeling heard, being seen the heart filled with love, an upwelling of joy, and the inner knowing that all is well, no matter the outer view. Jyoti Wind

I Am Here

I Am Here I’m just here in this moment, breathing. Outside of me, many thing occur. I engage when I choose. The sky is blue, or stormy and dark, or midnight fog. I breathe I am still here. Age comes and goes. Feelings arise. I notice. I breathe. I see where the storyline takes me. I return. I’m just here in this moment, breathing. Jyoti Wind

My Beloved Bones

Beloved Bones from ancestors inherited from Earth cells delivered. My beloved bones. Upright, able to speak for myself, my voice, my own. My beloved bones. Graceful and strong, my legacy back to Earth. My beloved bones. Jyoti Wind

Sometimes the world is too much...

Sometimes the world is too much. I lean my back into the rough bark of a tall, sturdy pine, a creek gurgles close by, brother raven caws overhead, and my heart opens. I am free. Jyoti Wind


Summer I yearn for long than I can think of, for those warms days and cool nights, for ripe tomatoes and cucumbers, some frozen sweet dessert, and minimal attire. When summer finally arrives, it is with open arms I greet her, this radiant being whose breath is warm on my skin, as she opens all the doors and windows of my soul. That long yearning through deep snow and frigid air, clothes piled atop each other, hot foods and liquids, and shelter as survival, is now abated and met with sweetness. I cannot think ahead to the coming change once again. All of me demands me to eat another cherry, cool my heat with a cold drink, relish the cool breeze I the evening that slakes the skin thirst of sum

My Profound Apologies

My profound apologies to all those teachers and my friends and my family and my life who came to help me see myself to show me the lessons I needed to see and I blamed you. My profound apologies

Dreaming the New Dream

Dreaming the New Dream The coloring has come outside the lines. Those hard line definitions are blurring, softening, making more room for new possibilities, new terms, new words. New pictures are forming on the inside. As they emerge, engaging the emotions, not just the mind, we move closer to wholeness, dreaming the new dream. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 7 11 20

Astro Update 7 11 20 In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, July 12 at 2:26AM/MDT, Mercury turns Direct. We begin to move forward. We have been pining for the normal, for the ‘good ole days’ of 7 months ago. With Mercury in Cancer, this is normal, yet there are no good old days. We have been heading to where we are for centuries. It’s time for change. Mercury says it’s time to redo events from the previous 3 weeks. Look at what worked and what didn’t. Implement what you now see could work. Focus is on family, early childhood, home life for the next 2 weeks as we catch up. “The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.” Rumi

When I enter the woods

When I enter the woods I vibrate to green. Not sure of megahertz, just the feeling. When trees speak, my tension dissolves and I feel one with everything around me. My gratitude courses through all of me like a colorful rainbow of energy. To be seen and known that deeply is eternal nourishment for me. I would imagine Heaven, in that vernacular, would be a family of trees with their hearts out. Jyoti Wind

Across the Great Divide

Across the Great Divide Between my spirit and my flesh, between my soul and my personality, between my knowing and my thinking, between my love and my fear, I stretch myself across the great divide, determined and elastic, hopeful yet vulnerable, I am the bridge and the totality. Jyoti Wind

Great Spirit

I am yours, Great Spirit. My prayers are your inbreath. My life is your outbreath. I long to return to that loving heart, yet know I have never left. As you place honey upon my tongue, and coat my eyes with beauty, I see the world as you created it. I will hold this vision until your inbreath calls my home. Jyoti Wind

Life Just Is

It’s Just Life Life wants you to wake up and see yourself, see the things that get in your way, the things that push your behavior and attitudes to the surface so you can’t miss them. Life just is. It sends you all kinds of experiences. You can take them personally and have tantrums and heartaches, the drama of loss and love, of winning and losing, and everything in between. It’s the same for everyone only totally different in flavor and sequence. Yet this is life’s job, to offer itself to you so that you may become conscious and see it for what it is, years of learning and growing, and experiencing yourself, and when it’s time to go, you don’t have to look back. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 7 3 20

Astro Update 7 3 20 The Full Moon Eclipse occurs tomorrow night at 10:44PM/MDT. Challenges around impulsiveness, around jumping in to quickly. Notice, also, the power of ideas to influence consciousness. What Ideas are you mulling around. What is being put out there in the field to change or transform your thinking. Larger views are available. Look for them. This Eclipse is very powerful for the U.S. as it falls right near its birthday. This country is undergoing changes, with more coming over the next several years. The basic tenets of this nation’s philosophy and how it has lived it, governed by it, or not, will come to light. As a part of this country, and being also a global citizen,

Starshine News Summer 2020

Starshine News Vol.24, #3 Summer 2020 wind.jyoti@gmail.com www.jyotiwindastrology.com Dear Friends, 2020 has proven to be above and beyond just the beginning of a new decade. I looked back to 1920 and the Roaring Twenties, bathtub gin and the Speakeasy.. The Spanish Flu aftermath was continuing,. I looked at the 1820s and the First Industrial Revolution, photography and the promotion of rail transport. Americans were encouraged to head West. So in this already pivotal year of Eclipses and long-time conjunctions, comes Covid and a presidential election. Throw in a shutdown, some earthquakes and volcanic rumbles, and you have a living out of what history books will mark as a year of global int

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