Astro Update 5 29 20

Astro Update 5 29 20 Here is a youtube link to a video Astro Update that I made last night. I am talking briefly about the Pandemic. Please note that I have made all my workshops and classes on Youtube free, it is now 'public' and anyone can watch them. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Rumi

Astro Update 5 15 20

On Wed. May 13 at 3:45 AM/MDT, Venus turned Retrograde (Rx). It will turn Direct on June 25 at 1:48AM/MDT. During this time frame, Venus asks us to look at our values, what we place importance on, and how we communicate those ideas to others. It takes us out of mainstream thought and creates situations for us to go more deeply inside. We look at finances with Venus, resources. What are our bottom lines. Is it our job, our standing in the world, our children and our families? When it comes down to it, where do we make a stand. It’s in the details that we figure it out. In the minutia of daily life. After all the lofty goals are left in the corner, what still stands in the center of the room

The New Ones

The New Ones The old Gods tumble like huge mountains, tumbling backwards on themselves. The land and seas take them back, bury them with love, as their time is over. The new Ones rise, hearts ablaze with love, light radiating from their brow, to illuminate the path they will walk with the people, partners in the new earth, come from far off finally to blaze forth the new time, the future Golden Age we were all born in initiate. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 5 5 20

Saturn is stationing from May7-15, turning Retrograde (Rx) on May 10. Self-discipline is more available to some, feelings of limitations in others. Depends on whether we use Saturn’s energies of focus or it uses us. The Full Moon on the 7th at 4:45AM/MDT brings opportunities to step into your power, to see what you need to see, and take action. Be open to new ways of seeing things. Mercury trines Pluto on the 9th at 7:17AM/MDT and deeper insights show themselves. One is able to look into the depths of things and figure them out. Look to the mysteries, the esoteric and the mundane. Pay attention to that which draws your curiosity. “When you let go of who you are, you become who you might be.”

Thunderstorm in May

Thunderstorm in May I Love the rain- the silence in the night broken by the down pouring of water from the sky. I turn my face up to have it washed from the social norms I’ve said yes to, exposing my jugular like an animal surrendering to what has been chasing it down. I’m surrendering to my soul’s journey, to the parts I have said No to and successfully avoided up until now. A bolt of lightning and clap of thunder. The thunder gods have been gone long. The flash of light illuminates my heart and I wander in darkness no more. I am triumphant in my surrender, here near the end of my life, I have finally said Yes! Jyoti Wind

How Things Happen

I have no idea and I don’t need to know how things happen sometimes. It’s enough that I notice the shift, it’s enough that I was aware that a shift was needed or desired. From there, it is out of my hands. One could call in blazing swords and stirring wings, or a great dragon fire, or the beloved trills of fairies and elves. Beyond that, I have no idea sometimes how things happen for the good. Jyoti Wind

The Tree of Life

500 year old Yew tree at Muckross Abbey, Kilarney, Ireland. The Tree of Life.

May 2020

May begins with the Full Moon on the 7th at 4:45AM/MDT. Step into your own power. See what you need to see for yourself. Take action where possible. The 9th brings insights, the 11th brings creative conversations, and Venus turns Retrograde (Rx) on the 13th at 3:45AM/MDT. We begin to look at our own inward journey and what’s really important to us. We look at our finances and what we stand for. An empowered day on the 15th, expansion on the 17th, and the New Moon on the 22nd at 11:39AM/MDT. This new cycle gives ease of communication, a push from behind, and a suggestion of reading some poetry as a means of offsetting the Mercury and Neptune aspects. We can assume more clarity of mind and log

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