Astro Update 9 29 20

Today at 3:50PM/MDT Mars is square Saturn. It’s push to move beyond stuckness, imbedded patterns, places where you say, ‘I don’t do that.’ Mars says, ‘Do it!’ The Full Moon on Thurs. Oct.1 at 3:05PM/MDT says balance frustration and patience. Don’t take things personally. Push past the status quo and risk-take. What do you have to lose!!!! For the first 9 days of Oct., Pluto is stationing (turning Direct on Sun. Oct.4 at 7:32AM/MDT). In this 9 day period, we experience Pluto at its strongest: intensity, fierceness and a determined effort toward transforming existing situations. Bring to mind to what you have been internally working on since April 25 (when Pluto turned Retrograde). Now is the

Starshine News Fall 2020

Starshine News Vol.24, # 4 Fall 2020 Dear Friends, As we enter this final quarter of 2020, we may feel that we do so with a sense of wariness. The year so far has held so many surprises, unexpected turns at every level of life. That we don’t exactly trust what else there might be. In my Astrology Column, I mention the final pass of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, the Total Solar Eclipse mid-December, and the Jupiter/Saturn meeting on the Winter Solstice. These are all singular events crowded into the last part of this year. We have been on a bumpy ride that is taking us into a new time, new year, new decade. Along the way, those bumps have been

Shamanic Study Group

Shamanic Study Group 2nd Sunday of each month 11:30 AM-1PM/MDT Free Via Zoom Oct. 11, Nov.8, Dec.13 We will call in the directions to create safe space. Have a topic, reading or poem A guided journey Learn some ceremony Homework Q&A No experience necessary If you are interested: Jyoti 303.541-9106 May the nourishment of the earth be yours, May the clarity of light be yours, May the fluency of the ocean be yours, May the protection of the ancestors be yours. John O’Donohue, Book of Blessings

Astro Update 9 14 20

Astro Update 9 14 20 Today, Monday, Sept.14 at 5:09PM/MDT the Sun is trine Pluto. A day of empowerment. A feeling of strength and capability pervades the day. Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 9:29AM/MDT Venus squares Uranus. Freedom needs dominate the day, just needing room to move. Important to honor this. New Moon on Thursday, Sept.17 at 5AM/MDT. This New Moon, this new cycle, is very powerful. Not only are the Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, but also the New Moon is opposing Neptune. Be clear. Set goals. There may be opportunities that show up and the means to go with it. Another aspect of this is Mars square Saturn and Pluto. The young warrior confronts the old, entrenched g

Astro Update 9 8 20

Tomorrow, Sept.9 at 4:22PM/MDT, Mars will turn Retrograde (Rx) until Friday, Nov.13. As much as Mars Rx turns us inward to look at our direction in life, our dream and are we living it or not, it also has us looking at our inner frustrations, aggressions, shadow materials that we let other people carry for us. Ultimately, it wants us to take a deeper level of personal responsibility. Now is the digging-in time, the time to excavate, to be the inner spiritual archeologist that is finding the old tombs of beliefs systems, to brush away the sands of procrastination, and begin the real work of authenticity. Who are we becoming and how can we consciously aid in that process. “Whenever they rebuil

Astro Update 9 1 20

Astro Update 9 1 20 The Full Moon tonight at 11:22 PM/MDT says be clear in your communications. Leave nothing to interpretation. Employ your intelligence and speak from the heart, so misunderstandings cannot flourish. Relationships, one-to-one business and personal interactions, are challenging. What is the divide and how do you bridge the gap. Share your vision of where you would like to see the interaction go. Be open to the sudden thought or realization. Trust in its power. Wednesday Sept. 2 is a day of freedom. Fulfill what you can. Thursday Sept. 3 says share your knowledge. Trust what you know. Friday Sept. 4 is a catalyst to look at what dream you are living and is it your own. “When

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