Astro Update 3 31 20

Astro Update 3 31 20 Today, Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius and acts as a catalyst, energizing our humanity. We are being given an idea of the changes over the next month, of what the two years following Mid-Dec’20 will look like and need. Saturn has only just begun to influence Aquarians and the Aquarius energy of humanitarian relief, caring for our sisters and brothers, and what ideals can be practically applied. In Mid-Dec. we will begin to implement those very practices more and more. On Saturday, April 4th, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto at 8:45PM/MDT. An empowerment is underway. Yes, the spread will continue for a while, and also more people will recover. The message has been delivered. Wh


Renew My energy bunches. Mind is making up schedules deadlines have-to’s when really there are none. I sit to meditate. A large sigh of relief of letting go of mind-quiet. Just breathe. There are gifts here, for body and mind to sit to read to think and to renew myself. Jyoti Wind

The Bardo of the Pandemic

The Bardo of the Pandemic The clear light dawns and our mortality is glimpsed. Opportunities for freedom from the skins of Earth beckon. Love surges. Attachments show themselves. Missed opportunities keen and distracts. Some souls fly into the Light. Others return. A renewed heart to love all. A renewed heart above all. The clear light dims. Not yet our turn, perhaps. Jyoti Wind

What We Can Do

What We Can Do We clear our hearts of the worry the news the fear. We untie the stories that bind us to pain and suffering and we offer to the world what we have, a compassionate heart. We pray for all those who are suffering including ourselves. We pray for those passing on, for those in fear. We offer our heart’s love to the world. That’s what we can do. Jyoti Wind

In these early moments...

In these early moments when the sun’s ray flames your soul, you are re-awakened again to the life you are living. That intimacy with yourself, acknowledging the links that tether you here upon which you’ll ascend when it’s time to go. In those early moments of a new day, allow all and everything to be true, allow yourself to just be. Jyoti Wind

They gathered around me...

They gathered around me, these blessed spirits of caring. They put their hands on my shoulders and their whispers in my ears. They breathed on me. They blest me with their hearts and told me to carry on. And I will. Jyoti Wind

We Protect Our Young

We Protect Our Young Eagle opens my heart. Sitting on my right shoulder his wing across my back, he says quietly, we protect our young. My heart opens. I think of my children grown and in the world. It resonates. We protect our young. My heart opens. I know he means me. I am his young. I’m deepened. I breathe and just be. Jyoti Wind

Starshine News Spring 2020

Starshine News Vol 24, #2 Spring 2020 Dear friends, This is part of The Great Turning, whether it’s the Earth turning on her axis, slowly toward a new pole star, or the turning of humanity to a higher consciousness and awareness of who we are and why we are here. The disruptions make space for new ideas, new ways of being on the planet. As Rumi said, ‘cracks are where the Light gets in.’ It makes room for compassion, service, and a change in perspective. We don’t have to like it. We just have to make the best of it. Some of us are seed-planters and may not get to see the ‘new dawn.’ It is obvious that life cannot go the way it has. Things are

Astro Update 3 8 20

Astro Update 3 8 20 The Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo occurs tomorrow, March 9 at 11:48 AM/MDT and brings clarity to situations that have seemed confusing, over the next month. Suddenly we are asked to use our discernment to see the facts from the fictions. Mercury turns Direct tomorrow as well at 9:49 PM/MDT and we begin to move forward. Communication is more clear. We can put words to feelings; we can put words to experiences. There is a clarity and forward movement, even though, in the system of Mercury’s cycle and now turning Direct, we have the next 20 days until it ‘catches up’ to where it went Retrograde (Rx) on Feb.16. Time to bring those self-reflections and new ideas and understandings

Alternative Corona Virus Preparation

Alternative Corona Virus Preparation 3 4 20 Homeopathic Oscillococcinum (O cillo cock sinum) at first ill feelings, of coughing, aching. This is a homeopathic remedy for flu. Taking homeopathic remedies: no food or drink for 15 min. before or after. No coffee or mint toothpaste if you can for that day. There are 3 vials for this remedy. Empty one entire vial under your tongue, let it dissolve, not chew. Six hours later, take all of vial 2. (Set alarm if you have to.) Six hours later, take 3RD vial. This remedy energizes your vital force so that you can overthrow any flu/pneumonia. Sinusalia is a good combination homeopathic remedy for sinus infections. Olive leaf extract tincture is good for

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