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Astro Update 7 6 18 Mercury's Next Cycle

Astro Update 7/6/18

Mercury’s Next Cycle

Tomorrow, Sat. July 7, Mercury enters the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx). It is entering the area it will return to when it turns Rx (July 25). So things we do on July 7th, things we set in motion, goals we are working toward, we will return to them and rethink them after Aug.18th.

It becomes a time to be introspective and to learn more about oneself during that Rx period. Right now, we are just beginning to see what that might look like.

So, in a nutshell, here is the Mercury cycle:

Mercury enters its shadow on July 7th. Appointments begin to change. We feel a sense of something that begins to draw us inward. Maybe we have schedule some down time not even realizing that this is a perfect time for it.

Mercury turns Rx on July 25th. We are in the throes of looking within over the following 3 weeks. Re-choosing. Re-thinking. Appointments feel like musical chairs. Change is the name of the game. Missed communications also happen, mainly because it draws us inward and we’re a bit distracted.

Mercury turns Direct on Aug.18th. We begin the 2 week process of Re-doing all that has been misunderstood, miscommunicated during the Rx period. We turn outward in our perceptions again and make the changes we need to make.

Mercury catches up on Sept.1 and we move into new territory. We are done with that Mercury cycle. We move on.

Because this particular Mercury cycle is taking place in Leo, it may give us pause to look at our leadership skills and style, where we think we know and yet see more to learn, where we need to gather knowledge and understanding.

“On the path of Love we are neither masters nor the owners of our lives. We are only a brush in the hand of the Master Painter.” Rumi

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